Saturday, April 10, 2010

April's skincare routine : Clinique

You may not even remember but I asked you which skincare line you would be interested to see reviewed here. My French poll attracted way more people and Clinique was the winner.
I so had to desing a new face routine using mainly Clinique stuffes and see how my skin reacts to it for about a month. I tried my best without splurging extra money on new stuffes I do not really need. As you will see I kept my beloved sunscreen as my day moisturizer as I really like it :p.

Morning :
- Mild liquid facial soap from Clinique
- Clarifying lotion 2 from Clinique
- Dramatically different moisturizing lotion from Clinique
- All about eye rich from Clinique
- Cleanance SPF 30 from Avène mixed with the mositurizing base SPF 15 from Stila

Evening :
- Créaline H2O from Bioderma for the eyes and cheeks
- Sebactiv cleansing water from Roger Gallet for my oilier T-zone
- Dove Soft peeling cream beauty bar if heavy face makeup to remove last bits of make up
- Mild solid facial soap from Clinique
- Clarifying lotion 2 from Clinique
- Dramatically different moisturizing lotion from Clinique
- All about eye rich from Clinique

- Moisture Surge de Clinique

Masks :
- Purifying (every other day) : Atlas Moutain Clay Mask from Zakia's Morocco (= ghassoul) (online review already made) or Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask from MAC
- Moisturizing/nourishing (x1/week) : Argan oil from Zakia's Morocca or Nivea cream (yep the blue tin one) under a coton sheet mask from MUJI moisten with eye safe toner or floral water

Extra treatments:
- for spots: Lanvender vinegar from l'Occitane
- for shine control: T-zone shine control de Clinique (Pore Minimizer range)
(x1/semaine, on sundays) : Powerbrasion kit from Skin Doctors
- scrub (x1-2/week at night time) : Akno Natura from les Laboratoires Mascareignes

I will keep you updated with how the things go but for now it is fine. I try to use the less active other stuffes I know not to twist the results. You can not imagine how painful it was to leave my beloved Shu Uemura cleansing oil below my bathroon sink :))
If you want some extra information on the stuffes I used (except the Clinique ones I will thoroughly review at the end of the month) leave a comment!

See ya :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

So sorry...

I am truly and deeply sorry for the lack of updates. I do not know how I manage to get so busy being currently unemployed but well at last I find enough time to feed my French readers with my useless rambling.
Anyway I think I would not be able to update this blog as often as I used to but I did not want to close it so I will post for sure on a weekly basis. So please bare with me ^^!

Next is my last FOTD I was supposed to publish last Saturday :))

I did this look using the Alice in Wonderland BOS but it can be duplicate on purpose with the BOS vol.II. I am not very happy with the whole application and my poor looking face with just a bit of bronzer and concealer but I have a hard time with my right hand which is of course the one I use to make myself up. My middle finger has been swollen for about 2 weeks and it does not get better. My chemist told me it could be arthrosis as I broke my fingers several times when I was younger. Hope it is not that :s. Anyway it is not really painful, just bad looking and annoying as I can not bend my finger as I used to. But enough about me and my falling apart body, onto the makeup! First the eyes :
It is mainly neutral shades with a twist, a bright green underliner to be springish :))). So on top of a thin layer of Primer Potion I applied :
- on the whole eyelid : Mushroom (same name in permanent line)
- as an outer V blended inwards : Mad Hatter (Twice Baked)
- in the inner corner and to blend towards the browbone : Midnight Tea Party (Midnight Cowboy Rides Again). Be careful, glitter party time with this one ^^
- along the upper lashline not too extended outwards: brown liner (Coastal Scent gel liner Truffle)
- on the outer half lower lashline , a deep green liner (liner fluidline Shade from MAC)
- to blend this liner and to line the full lower lashline : Absolem (Homegrown)
- in the lower waterline, a lime green pencil (NYX Eye/Eyebrow pencil 927 Acid Green)

Some full face pics. Do not mind my hairs it was rainy and humidity makes my hair going frizzy fuzzy crazy. As I said, no foundation (too tricky to apply with my mad hand) and artificial light pics with flash as the sun had been kidnapped.
For the base: Absolutely invisible pressed powder from Too Faced and what was left from the bronzer after I had done my cheeks, my nose and my forehead.
For the dark circles & imperfections : Select Cover up from MAC NW 20 + Powderflage from Benefit (only on dark circles)
For the cheeks : Embelliseur abricot from Agnes Bresh on the apples + bronzer Snow Bunny from Too Faced (gorgeous but really really shimmery not the best choice for oilier skin type)

On the lips: Rouge B Corail Irisé from Agnès B (sorry I did not find the English match)

The next make up I plan to do with this palette will be duplicable with the Ammo palette in the permanent line. And I think I will be done with this one as it has been seen everywhere so many times that you may get bored ^^