Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bright green!!!

I keep playing with my Urban Decay Book of Shadows and decide to try a simple bright look with a single color : Absinthe (Ultra bright green, last row).
I found the result too plain so I added a touch of Verdigris on the middle of my lid (MAC Metal Urge eyeshadow with a weird texture that make it crease like hell) to give a slight metallic effect.
I double-lined my eyes : first a thick line of green gel liner (Envious gel liner from Coastal Scent) and then a thin line of a random black gel liner (I think I used Stila Smudge pot but I am not sure).
Of course, some black khol in the waterlines! I like the way it defines my eyes, and a tone of mascara (L'oreal Beauty tubes, hands up!!!).
Time for pics :

I am aware that some people will not wear eyeshadow this bright but colors make me feel happy and confindent (do not ask me why I do not know :s)! Sorry about the poor quality of application but I had a temperature so it makes my make up crease.

To finish, a full face pic with my vampire nails. I know red nails, pink pullover and green make up is perhaps not the best association but who cares, hum :p

I hope I do not catch the swine flu... It will not be funny at all :s

See ya :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Serum contour des yeux et des lèvres from Planter's Eco Bio

"Serum contour des yeux et des lèvres" means serum for eye and lip contour in French. This being said, this particular one is produced by an Italian company which has attracted a growing interest in France with its first range of products made of aloe vera.

What do I think about it? Well it is the second organic eyecream I tried this year and I am disappointed with both of them. This one is supposed to be fluid but mine was more like a thick cream and I was not able to pump it easily. Moreover, the amount delivered by the pump is way too big, I can easily do my whole face with a squirt. As it is full of oil, it is greasy so it takes some time to be absorbed by the skin. The scent is not very noticeable and for once, it does not interact badly with make-up. Undereye concealer does not crease on top of that.

Does it work? Well as I just say, I am not convinced. I am sure it is not linked to its organic nature but I am not hooked. Why? Because the concentrated plant extracts are irritant to my under eye area. So it leads to an itching eye contour after use and sometimes strong redness :s. Not nice, hum? The main advantage is that the irritation rises the blood circulation and thus reduces drastically dark circles. The game is not worth the candle. In an other hand, I can not tell about the anti-wrinkle effect as I have not any and about softening, it is quite true. Neverthless, do not try to apply it on the lid or it will burn your eyes like hell!!!

Do I recommend it? Well, so-so. Perhaps for the true organic-addicts who do not want to use anything but organic.

Prix : around 25€ in European drugstores or online.

This is it.
See ya :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In and out... October 2009

Time again for pro and cons about beauty. Well nothing really new this month! I have never had so much free time and I am overwhelmed!!! Sounds crazy hum? I may be the worst organised girl on Earth ;p except for makeup, everything fit its own place in my flat! Anyway here we go :

Ins :
- no more strong anti-acne topical remedies and better skin. Sounds to be the other way round normally but for once I won't complain
- sleeping enough to prevent the most part of my dark circles
- Tea Tree Blemish Gel from the Body Shop. It rocks! I am thinking of buying ten or so more sticks :p
- still in love with t
he best mascara on Earth for my type of lashes, the Double Extend Beauty Tubes from l'Oréal
- the Sebactiv range from Roger Cavailles (maybe it is sold abroad but I am quite sure it does not)
- the discovery of Mario Badescu's products :)

Outs :
- having less pimples and zits but many red ugly scars that can not be treated right one with microdermabrasion
- having a cold because of no sun :s
- not finding time to update regularly my blog! Come on, I am unemployed and overbusy, what is wrong with me???
- that my current beloved foundation, 01 Crème de poudre from La Roche Posay has been discountinued (why all the best stuffes are always reformulated or discontinued???)
- again and still my current eyecream, Serum contour des yeux et des lèvres (serum for eyes and lips in French) from Planter's Eco Bio

This is it. Any toughts?
See ya :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Something about plum

Yeah I know plum in eye make-up is controversial. But in my opinion, it contrasts so well with any eye colour with green hue that I like to use it sometimes on my average hazel, honey eyes... It really enhances the green in my eyes even if it is not that clear on the following pictures. Sometimes it can make look like you were punched in the face but well applied I do like it. For many people not used to extreme make-up, it much more natural than purple for instance. Just give a closer look to eye palettes you find in your local drugstore many of them include a plum shade to bring light!

Enough babbling, the pics... This was done with Aromaleigh pigments which I truly love. They are pretty unique and there are over 400 colours to choose from. But they are also a bit expensive I think. Anyway, this what I came out with (do not mind the first pic of eyes I look strangely not symmetrical on that one :s)

Then two full face pics of me wearing my favourite Winnie the Pooh pullover! I wear it only when I stay at home but it is so soft and so warm that I can not throw it away.quoi!

Do you wear plum e/s? It can look great I think (nope?).

See ya :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

MAC Black Style

If you are MAc addict, you will definitely have heard about this collection. It is a little on the goth style which I like because I am a dark-haired, fair-skinned girl. Anyway, in France it is already sold everywhere and I know some girls were crying because they had not been able to put their hands on the mineralize e/s from this collection. Four different glitters on a black mineralize base: a blue, a silver, a mauve and a gold. Here is a pic of what they look like:
I did not buy any of those even if I do truly love them. I hate the glitters in these e/s because they irritate my eyes and also because I already own something quite similar (I try to be less impulsive in my boughts). Here it is :
Yeah, poor swatches over a black cream eyeshadow to show you what my dupes look like (over Black Bean jumbo eyepencil from NYX). They are pigments from The She Space, ie Diamond Powdered Dusts (bottom of the Pigment for your Eyes page). There are 6 different ones and they costs nothing, it is a bargain : 4$50 for 3 grams!!! And the glitters in there do not hurt yep ^^.
Just in case you are pigment-phobic (I love creating words) you can find similar e/s by:
-Nars the Nightlife collection
-Too Faced the Galaxy Glam e/s.
Both these alternatives are not really cheaper than the MAC version :s.

If you like to see what they look in an eye make-up just leave a comment

See ya :)

Friday, October 16, 2009


... for the week end. Enjoy yours ^^

See ya :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lady's red

... well not really but it is still red. When I was younger, still nice and trustful in my own future, I used to go to the beach every summer. I was carefully painted by my mother with full sunscreen from head to toes with a hat and sunglasses. Thanks mummy ^^! I was then facinated by the perfectly manicured finger and toes of the women surrounding me. Bright red for everyone :)!
FIY, this nailpolish is a So Laque from Bourjois - Cerise noire (black cherry?) number 12.

I now can wear these deep red nails that made me dream when I was younger (yeah I am a lady now, well I think I am). I must confess it is may not be meant to be worn on long nails like mine, it will look less vampy and more galmourous on shorter ones. But it reminds me my childhood and family summer vacations so I can come to terms with it :p.

And you, do you have any beauty stuffes that make you feel a little nostalgic?

See ya :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A missed trial...

... with the Urban Decay Book of Shadows. Maybe some of you do not know about this brand. I think it first became famous around the world through its nail polishes. I have never seen any of those but they were bright and very good from what I read. Anyway, I digress.
They now do a bunch of different stuffes packaged in a young and bold way. Most of their eyeshadows are very bright, come in a quiet unusual range of shades, and have a sparkly, iridescent or metallic finish. They are quiet hard to work with and tend to disappear while blending. Anyway, if you have enough patience to pack them and to clean the fallouts the final colour payoff is amazing and so unique in my point of view. This is what it looks like.
Urban Decay has launched a new version of the Book of Sahdows. It is avalaible in the UK and the US but not in France right now. Maybe it will not be in the end (so sad).

I tried a look yesterday with gold and purple tones. But I do not like the way it comes out. There will not be any full face pictures as I am again breaking out like crazy (need to find a routine fast I am so upset with these pimples). The gold looks pretty orange-ish on the pictures, I need to find a better balance for the luminosity. I am the worst photorapher on Earth (oups...).
Do you have any idea to make it work? Something is not good in here. I am sure these colours can work together but not that way.

See ya :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

The mascara I can not life without

It is the Double Extend Beauty Tubes from l'Oréal I was talking about in my previous post. Damned, I love it!!!It is quite hard to find it in France, it was not a full success here but I know it is still sold abroad so maybe you can grab it a your local supermarket (lucky you :p). Anyway before coming to details, I have not tried any of the other Double Extend mascaras so I can not do any fair comparisons. But as I like so much this one, I may give a try to its little brothers and sisters. Maybe I will adopt the whole family (nice excuse to buy more makeup, isn't it? :p)

What so special about it?
Well it is a "tube" mascara, so it sounds really appealing to my geek side :p. It can so be removed with warm water and I find it really softer for my sensitive eyes. All you have to do is to wet well your lashes, press gently your forefinger along your lashline and slowly go down. All the little polymer tubes will fall down to your cheeks and that is it ^^. Simple, hum? No smudging, no flaking 100% guaranteed (by me of course :p)
Otherwise, it is a two-side formula. The white base is used to protect and lengthen the lashes and the balck part builds the tiny tubes around each lashes. It separates really well the lashes if properly used.
One last point, it is a lenghtening formula not a plumping volumising one.

Some before and after pics?
Take my hand and follow me ^^. First, my naked eye, bith front and side view. Reminds me a bit of a cow chewing fat grass and looking at a train (very glamourous indeed)

Same thing but with one coat of mascara.

No touch-up and no editing.
Much better, hum?

I have anyway to confess that I do have long, thick and curly lashes but to me the result is simply WOW. It is even more spectacular in real life, sometimes I get asked if I wear falsies (nope, never I am too clumsy ans scared to poke my eyes).

See ya :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In and out... September 2009

I love reading this kind of instantaneous piece of life on beauty blogs. It is quite common there and I decided to give a go, just to share my pros and cons of the month with my fellow readers :p

Ins :
- Brewer's yeast and its effects on my lazy body
- Camouflage cream palette from Make Up for Ever which allows me to conceal my over numerous pimples :s
- Lipocils from Talika
- The best mascara on earth for my type of lashes, the Double Extend Beauty Tubes from l'Oréal

Outs :
- Still having pimples, blemishes and zits. Even worth than before taking Accutane! Not finding the right routine is so frustrating.
- The bad efficiency on my acne treatment I am using right now (Proactiv, the one from US, will review it soon)
My current eyecream, Serum contour des yeux et des lèvres (serum for eyes and lips in French) from Planter's Eco Bio
- Having trouble to find the HG foundation: full coverage without feeling heavy, light enough in shade without being pink...

This is it...
See ya :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Brewer's yeast

Well, I take brewer's yeast for nearly two months now so I think I can make a quite accurate feedback. But first, a little scientific piece of information. Yeah I know but guess what I am also a science-addict:p

What is brewer's yeast? You can find two different kinds of yeast : one is dead and the other one is still alive.
In both cases, you have to face the truth, they are microscopic mushrooms. Yummy hum? To be more accurate, these mushrooms are meant to digest sugar and starch from cereals that come into play in beer production. In its dead form, the yeast is extracted at the end of brewing and dried at high temperature. In its active (alive) form, the same mushroom is grown for its therapeutic virtues and dried at a lower temperature to keep the mushroom cells integrity. The active yeast is softer for the stomach and more active like all other classical ferments.
About taste and smell, it is very bitter but in capulses it is Ok. In tablet, the taste is really strong and they are harder to swallow (yiiirk)

Why is it interesting? This yeast s rich in vitamins B which are essential for growth and health of hairs, nails and skin. Good news, hum ^^?

What are the benefits? It helps to fortify hairs and nails of course. It is also supposed to help control acne breakouts, it helps digestion, stimulates immune system, and heal skin and intestine diseases. All in all it is some kinf of super health promoting agent.

What I personnaly think about it? For nails and hairs, it is perfect. My nails have become unbreakable, see the picture (do not mind the nail polish, old manicure, too lazy to do a new one). I just file them once a week and that is it. I am not really careful with my hands so I am really happy to see them that healthy. No more streaks and splitting.
My hairs are growing faster and no more split ends so perfect! ^^
But absolutely no effect on my pimples. Breakouts are exactly the same as before. It would have been too perfect otherwise :p

Do I recommend? Yes and in its active form. It can be bought nearly in every drugstores and for the dead one, in supermarket in the dietary section. It is absolutely health safe. Nothing wrong can happen to you with this kind of nutritive enhancers.

Oh one last point, drinking tones of beer will not help. No yeast left in there. Sorry! Thanks for reading

See ya :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A song that makes me smile...

I was taggued by the gorgeous Tali because my comments on her blog sometimes make her smile. Really happy about that!
All I have to do now is to choose a song that makes me smile. I will alter the rules a bit because the song I choose is definitely not a happy one, really really sad indeed. Of course, it is a French one that I really like.
It talks about a man that has been betrayed by a beloved girlfriend... Yeah, I know, I may sound crazy to you, but this songs reminds me a lot of funny memories of a past period of my life, it sometimes even makes me laugh.
It is nearly ten year old now and at this time, I had my first real love story with a so nice, understanding and patient guy. I was so awful to him, I wanted to rule everything he did and he said nearly nothing but guess what I was so young and so stubborn
(poor him!) ^^. This is hard to explain for me in English but this particular song is linked to this period of my life which was a really funny one. My first real steps as a grown-up, I believed at this time that I can be everything I wanted to be!:p.
Hope you like it anyway, I love this particular singer. His songs always touch me.
I taggued Makeup and Beauty Musings for this one.
See ya :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Smoked eye trial

As some of you seem to be interested by some FOTD I tried one today as I have more time to experiment with make-up. I was willing to achieve a nice but strong enough kind of smoky for day wear. As you may notice on the following picture I do have big almond shaped eyes and traditional big dark smokys accentuate them too much in my opinion. I will not moan because of my eyes. I am quite lucky when it comes to make up as I have lot of space to play with :p. Anyway this is what I came out with, nothing special or spectacular but I kind of like it :
Next some pics of my whole face. One is OK (well I hope so :p), the other one is just to make you think how many pictures it had to take before getting one decent! I will list the products I used on .
existentielle à te poser : à sa place, qu'est-ce que tu ferais de ces request (just leave a comment). Please do not mind my crazy hair and all the pimples on my face. I try to get rid off them but it takes time :s.
Concerning my hairs, any suggestions for a new cut or a new colour? I like my long wavy Rapunzel hairstyle but it takes so long to care about them that I am now interesting in something more functional if I can say it that way.

See ya :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Make up haul

Hi guys, I am not fully dead but I have been quite busy these days because my work comes to an end yesterday. So I have to fill forms to leave my company and fill new ones to register as a work applicant. Anyway, I will not bother you with all my uncertainties concerning my future and how I feel being unemployed...
Instead of that I will show you a small pic of my last makeup haul. It is a quite old one but I have to be more careful now with how I spend my money :s. Well, this is it:

From bottom left then clockwise : Bobbi Brown oil-free even finish compact foundation, MAC Naked Honey Skin salve, Korres Multivitamin powder for oily skin, Korres Wild Rose foundation, 2 lip balms(Bourjois & Body Shop Tantalizing lip butter), Sephora mascara Lash Plumper, Shiseido Hydropowder eyeshadow H9...
Well I can not say much about all these stuffes because I have not tried them yet. I hate opening hundreds stuffes at once because of bacteria.
As you may see, I am looking for my HG foundation : the one able to even out my skin tone, hide scars and pimples without feeling too heavy (yeah sweet dream)... I used the Tantalizing lipbalm and the hydropowder shadow, I will soon review them I am not quite sure about my thoughts on them.

I think this it... One last thing, would you be interested in pictures of FOTD or just EOTD (eyes of the day)?

See ya:)