Friday, September 25, 2009

Hair removal : last post

I promise this post is the last one about hair removal. But I thought it could be interesting to distinguish what I used where

- for bikini line: sugar wax from Marocco. Once you know how to use it, it is fast easy and perfect and it costs nothing. You can even make your own!
- for the tighs : sometimes with an electrical device or cold wax because it is less messy than the hot version.

And to explain the picture:

-for legs and armpits : no!no! and nothing else. Well if I go for a vacation abroad where I can not plug my stuffes, I go for hot wax in a beauty salon but otherwise it is no!no!.
How does it work? Well it is an electronic device with hot blades (not cutting ones, it is not a razor) that locate hairs (up to 1 mm) and flash it. The heat propagates through the hair to the root and kill it.
So it is a bit smelling as the hairs litteraly burn (grilled pork I will say), it is a bit time consuming and it takes time to get used to it and make it work as its full potential. The hair removal lasts about a week and hairs grow back like after shaving but less strong.

: - absolutely no ingrown hairs
- fewer and fewer hairs
(I have patches on my legs free of hairs now)
not painful at all

Cons : - the funky smell
- it is a bit time-consuming
- you have to have used it for a while to see a diminution in hair density
- the hot blades and buffer are a bit hard to find. Anyway now they are sold online at many places.

Price: 199€ at Sephora but you can buy it abroad for cheaper. It is pricey but efficient enough in my point of view.

What I like the most about it, is the fact you can use it laid on the coach, eating popcorn and watching TV at the same time. It is not the discovery of the world but it has the same advantages as shaving without any of the drawbacks.

That is it...
See ya :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eye palettes from China

Well, one of my few readers, Lullaby (hi you!), was wondering about these Chinese palettes and more specifically, about its content. Why?
Because they are super cheap and the color pay off is really good for the price. So all in all, they are very attractive and it sounds too good to be true.

Where can you buy them? Well several places as they are mass-produced in China. They are sold by Coastal Scents in the US, Zoeva in Germany and on Ebay directly from Hong Kong.

Do I have ever tried one of them? I personnally own 5 of them (both 88, the neutral, the neutral+blushes and one made of shimmery baked eyeshadows). I bought the first one at Coastal Scents and the 4 others at Zoeva. I try to avoid buying stuffes at CS as they tend to be rude to their customers. They all come from the same place, a dark plant in China.

Will these e/s cause sensitivity or allergy?
I can just talk of my personal case. I have not encountered any inconvenience with those. They are easy to remove and do not irritate my eyes. And I do have sensitive eyes.

Anyway are there heavy metals in there like mercury or lead?
I have no way to perform my own chemical analysis of these e/s but they were labels on the ones I bought at Zoeva. So here are the contents displayed on the Zoeva's ones:
-talc, everybody's know about it
-mica, every girl who use mineral makeup is aware of what it is :p
-mineral oil, ok this is paraffin, this thick oil extracted from crude oil
-kaolin, white clay which helps to minimise shine
-titanium dioxide, improve coverage and sunscreen (si si si)
magnesium stearate, white pigment and moisturising
-isopropyl palmitate, binder
-lanolin, emulsifier and emollient
-methylparaben et propylparaben, preservatives
-BHT or E321, controversial antioxidant
- the other CI numbers are cosmetic colorants; organic, mineral, synthetical or crude oil-derived. All of them are allowed in Europe (I check all of them :p)

So I will say that from this list of contents, nothing worth than in others higher end eyeshadows. Well if you are an organic addict, the contents sound bad and it may be. Anyway according to current regulations they are health-friendly.

No heavy metals to declare as long as the list of contents is reliable. And I tend to be confindent with German information, German people are known for their seriousness.

That's it...
See ya :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Back to the world

Hi there I am back! Hope you are doing well :)

I have been taking care of my nephew for the past week. I have to reckon that children can be really exhausting but all in all they are funnier above all.
I have not many new beauty-related things to talk about as I tried to make mu skin have a rest during my vacations. My spots and blemishes seem to vanish surely but slowly with the anti-acneic treatment I am now using. Anyway, it has a bad side effect that make my skin becomes really dry so I will perhaps stop using it for a while and come back to it if I break ou again.

I will try to write my first scientific article on the CS palettes, more specifically if they are health safe as they are mass-produced in China.
Apart from that, I will soon send pictures of my strong and healthy nails!!! OMG I am really impressed with brewer's yeast. It sounds like a little miracle to me right now ^^. I will also make a haul of all my new purchases of make up and skincare. I just need to go back to my place and grab my camera as I am now still on vacations at my parent's.

That's it.
See ya :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am leaving! I finnaly have some vacations. Re-opening on the 18th! Enjoy your time if you are on holidays too otherwise hope work will not be too boring

See ya :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Really surprised!

Well you may not know this magazine but it is a French quite famous one. And they have decided to publish a short note on my French version of my post on skin enhancers!! I was so surprised at first that I thought it was a joke or a spam. But I check the link included in the mail and this is true.

It is really funny to see my little beauty blog being "rewarded" on a such site. The way the posts are written on my "French beauty blog" version is slightly different as French is my mother tongue :).
This one is more purely informative as it is hard to express in a funny way in a foreign language. Hope you like it anyway :p

See ya :)
If you are able to read French you can click on the widget in this post to have a look to Elle's note.

Monday, September 7, 2009

First scientific article?

Ok I will start my scientific posts on controversial points and on whatever you want me to talk about. But I need to know first what you want me to write about. So if you have any question feel free to leave a comment
Yes, that is it short post today :)

See ya :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Skin and complexion enhancers

A post about complexion and skin enhancers, you are interested?

What is it used for? It sounds a bit like magic in a pot. It is supposed to make your complexion glows and to tone down some overstrong undertones of it. Really helpful for dull and tired complexion.

So it is exactly the same as a primer? No not exactly but primer can double as skin enhancer.... A primer is meant to help make up last longer, to smooth wrinkles and skin aspect, to hide flaws and pores or also to avoid shine for instance. It is a more technical product than skin enhancer and has to be used under make up. It can not be worn alone it is not a skincare product

So what about skin enhancers? They are used to change and enhace skin undertone and brighten complexion. When you are lacking of sleep it is a perfect trick. They can be used alone for their benefits as a skincare product. For my point of view, they aim at the same target as serums but they do not treat the underlying problems. It is an instantaneous perfector which have to be applied at the end of your skincare routine. They are the HG of perfect smooth skin and pretty summer tanned skin. They add a pleasant extra kick of moisture!

What have tried from now?
- Apricot and Vanilla complexion enhancers from Agnès B (around 17€). Definitely not the best ones out there.

le Blanc de Chanel (sheer illuminating base) (35€). I do love this one because it is really useful to lighten too dark foundations and to awaken dull complexions. And it smells just gorgeous. I sometimes like to open just to sniff it! Do you think I am a junky??? :p

- Color Skin Enhancer Anti-Dullness Radiance Care (72,50€). Yes it is so expensive but it is the best one I have ever tried. The texture is perfect and the effect is gorgeous. But yeah for everyday use it is overpricey. I have to find a new job first to rebuy it! ^^

I will soon do a 101 on primer. So if you are interested
in that check my blog back.
Do you personnaly use skin enhancer?

See ya :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Project "10 pan" is over!!!

Yes! Finally, my project 10 pan is over now. I succeed, yes! I am quite happy to come to an end with it. It was fun but I have to admit quite frustrating sometimes... I am so into anything beauty related that I love buying stuffes just for the love of buying it. I have tones of unopened things in my boards but I keep buying some...
From left to right :
- Anti-shine make-up base from Séphora professionnel
(yes but not over the top)
Black eyeliner from Séphora (real black but not the easiest to apply for beginners)
- Lipocils de Talika
(tu sais qu'ellr t'aime toi)
Anti-shine blotting sheets from Bourjois (not the best out therre)
Green and beige duo corrector stick from Avène (good for blemished skin like mine).

This kind of project is supposed to deter people from compulsive buying but it does not seem to be working on me ;p. I have so many new things I am planning to buy on my mind already!

See ya :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nutritive pills for skin enhancement

All is nearly said in the title of the post. You may know if you read this blog for a while now that I was blessed with nearly perfect skin till my 19. Then it changes : hormones, birth control pill, stress, bad diet, lack of sleep??? Maybe a bit of everything but in the end I have now really bad skin which has become sensitive and breaks out everytime I try something new. So when I heard about nutritive pills meant to improve your skin condition, I had to give it a go
I tried two different kinds you can find in France : " les compléments alimentaires peaux à imperfections" (=nutritive pills for troubled, blemished skin) from Exfoliac and "Purifiant peau" (=skin purifying) from Oenobiol. I have taken them for 3 months as adviced on the box...

What is it suppose to do? It is supposed to help purify your skin and regulate sebum from the inside by providing important nutrients, especially vitamins of the B group. These ones are the most efficient for the skin.

Does it work? I have to say that during the "treatment" I still had some spots, maybe one or two from time to time so I was not that impressed. But I finished it 2 weeks ago and since my skin has been consistently breaking out with ugly and painful spots and not only one or two. I have not realised it before writing this article but there may be a link inbetween. I have also started to take brewer's yeast (inactive form) for a week and I do not see any improvement for now. I know this may increase breakouts at first so I will give a go for two more weeks...
It is full of B vitamins too and costs a third of the price of the aforementionned nutritive pills.

Do I recommend it? Yes I think it does a good job for very troubled skin like me. I hope it will get better soon. I know that there is the perfect skincare routine for me out there. I just need to find it! :p

Price : Exfoliac 14€ for 28 days
Oenobiol 16€ for 15 days
(expensive hum?).

Do you ever tried something like that?
See ya:)