Monday, August 31, 2009


I am definitely ham-handed...
I broke my thumb nail making my bed yesterday morning (know why I am not tidy now :p). I was planning to cut them all but it takes so much time to grow them that long that I finally decide not to... I am happy because before taking brewer's yeast my nails broke easily and in its length which is very painful. This time it broke clean and sharp so maybe the yeast helps a bit!
I know my hands will not look symmetrical anymore but they are not so that is Ok :p

And it is not that visible all in all when on my hand (for once I was lucky to break my thumb nail).

the outcome color of the nail polish is quite disturbing. In the bottle it looks like an opalescent salmon colour but once applied on my nails it truns to be a trivial and common kind of Barbie pink. Damn!
Something else, do you have any tips to help heal the skin around the nails (not the cuticles) because mine is very dry and make funny little unsexy "pikes". I tried to moisten my hands twice a day and give my nails a shot meanwhile but it does not seem to work very good :s

That's it
See ya :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Beauty and science...

For once I will be quite serious tonight...

Well you can not know but I am a scientist, I have a Master Degree in Chemistry (and soon a PhD in Physicochemistry!!! Yeah). I go for these studies first because I was found of anything beauty related.
Anyhow I am working on something totally different today but that is not the point!
As I read a lot of stuffes on Internet, I am sometimes amazed by how much crap you can find on the Web! I know that now you can googled everything and have pieces of information on it. But many times it is juste misinformation or scientific-like evidences to make news more sensational...
So if it sounds interesting to you, I will try to make some more scientific post on classical controversies like aluminium salts, parabens...
Let me know what you think?

See ya:)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

About ingrown hairs...

Yeah a new talk about hairs but not about hair removal this time. I will give you my tips to avoid most ingrown hairs.
Firstly, it is a very particular issue. It depends on people's skin and on what method was used for removing the hairs... For me the two winners for making ingrown hairs are shaving and waxing (too bad for waxing because I really enjoy the fact it is so long lasting).
Anyway, what you can try to minimize ingrown hairs:

Before :
- the day before, scrub everywhere you plan to remove your hair. Grainy scrub are the best ones for that because they are really scratchy. I like sugar and salt ones the most.
Why doing that? Because if there are many dead cells on top of your skin your new growing hair won't be able to pierce. New hairs are quite weak in fact.

Next you remove your hairs the way you want!

Right after:
- you carefully moisten your skin to make it as soft as possible

The days after :
- if you are prone to inrown hairs :
*a keratolytic milk (by Avène Akerat , by Uriage Kératosane 15...) which helps surface skin cells turnover.
*or a specific skincare for ingrown hairs...
What I personnally tried and works OK :
- Ingrow Go fromSkin Doctors (19€)
- Soin Laurence Dumont poils incarnés (5,5€)
- Soin anti-poils incarnés from Veet (7€) ...
You have to use them everyday till your next hair removal session to see the improvement.

See ya :) (the picture is a road sign from a French town which name is "hair" in French, sometimes you see strange stuff in my country :p)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

French manucure

... could it be approximative?
Yeah I know I may be annoying with my strange questions but I think most people (especially girls) care about other's hands. Let me try to explain : a girl without make up is really OK, it doesn't schock anyone but a girl who does not care at all about her hands will look strange, doesn't she?

So I tried to give myself a French manucure (I should have tried something easier but I like challenges :) ) with a slightly white nail polish and a true white for the nail tips... As I am not a good photographer either, I decide to make a funnier pic and add one of my little stuffed toy. I got this sheep when I was 10 I think. I used to collect stuffed toys when I was younger...

(white polish Le Blanc French manucure from Yves Rocher -too pasty- & Sephora multi action white n°03)

So do you have any tips to have better nails. Mine are really not healthy, they break easily and grow without shape it is really annoying. I tried brewer's yeast for a month to see if things improve (it is supposed to help improve skin and hair also all in one!). If you have any pieces of advice to make them whiter I am interested!

See ya :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Météorites powder for the face from Guerlain

Ok let's talk about this French product... Yeah I know I am French so I advertise from home products but be aware that I do not endorse money to do so :p. The one I own is the n°1 Mythic. There are two more : 02 Pink Fresh and 03 Beige Chic.

What do I think about it? My first impression was not that good. I asked for it as a Christmas gift and when I opened it, I was overwhelmed by the strong violet smell. I am not a big fan of smelling skincare products and when it comes to make-up it is even worse. I was not found either of the puff inside the box. I do not like it to apply loose powder. Anyway I give it a go with a skunk brush and the miracle happens...

Does it work? Yes yes yes yes and yes... It feels so light on your skin and never looks cakey. It prevents shine very efficiently and gives a nice glow to your complexion. The smell vanishes quickly so it is perfect. I love to powder my face every morning now...

Do I recommend it? Yes of course, it is pricey but it is worth it. Especially for those of you, who like me have been given oily skin... I like it better than all the other loose powders I have tried (and I tried many :p).

Prix : 40,5€ by Sephora

It is the best loose powder I have ever tried. I am planning to buy the pressed form in Beige Chic when I run out of this one. I have to check first the price of both forms just to see if there is no trap ^^...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Holiday nail polish

Tuesday I will be on vacation for about a week so I decide to try a funny manucure today with a blue nail polish.
I have only one OPI polish which is the blue I am wearing on the pic : Yoga-ta get this blue. As always with polish, I have to apply two coats to get something quite opaque and not striky...
I then add little "flowers" on top with a random white polish and a toothpick (hiiii...).
I don't own nail brushes and I do not want to invest right know (perhaps later :) ). So what do you think, do you try sometimes designs on your nails? I will go to work like that tomorrow just to see people's reaction :p

See ya :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My facial routine n°2

Ok I do not really know why but my skin is breaking like crazy these days so I decide to come back to a slightly more aggressive skincare routine. I konw that many people tend to think taht being sift with your skin is the baest wya to maintain it healthy. I do agree but it is only true for already healthy skin. I have microcystic acne and there is no real cure for this. I try to avoid most of the breakouts that is all I can do.
So here is my fighting plan for the next month

Morning :
- washing : Basic 3-Step skin type 2 (dry combination skin)
- serum Skin : rev-er upper from Bare Minerals
- moiturising lotion: Vanishing cream from Lush
- eye contour : Serum contour des yeux et des lèvres from Planter's eco-bio
- on zits, pimples : Effaclar A.I from La Roche Posay
- solar protection : high protection sunscreen brush SPF 50 from Sephora

Evening :
- eye makeup remover : oil makeup remover Isotéliale from Noviderm
- face makeup remover : refreshing milk for normal to combination skin from Ysiance (French supermarket brand)

- washing : Basic 3 times skin type 2 (dry combination skin)
- exfoliation : Gentle aromatic exfoliant with 3 roses from Nuxe
- serum : Gel serum visage from Innovatouch Cosmetic
- moiturising lotion: Vanishing cream from Lush
- eye contour : Serum contour des yeux et des lèvres from Planter's eco-bio
- on zits, pimples : Effaclar A.I from La Roche Posay

Masks :
- purifying (1 x week): Tai-Chi masks from Herborist
- hydrating (1 x week): masque apaisant hydratant d'Avène

Microdermabraison (1 x week) :
- Kit Powerbrasion from Skin Doctors

See ya :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hands or feet?

You will think I am crazy (and maybe I am), but I discover something really surprising to me today.

I was daydreaming in the underground this morning and I suddenly realised I stared at the women's feet surrounding me.
Because it is still summer here and many women wear open shoes and paint their toes. And yes, I find it strange because none of the ones I looked at paint their finger nails...
I could personnlay take time to care about my hands and put on a funny nail polish but do the same for my feet sounds really not exciting to me! Yeah, maybe I miss something, but my feet are so damaged due to former intensive ballerina dancing that I can not do anything good... What seem the most odd to me is to care about your feet and not your hands!
So that is my question tonight : do you paint your finger nails or your toe ones or both? I will really be interested to know why you just paint your toes if you do so
(yeah curiosity ;) )

See ya :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well it is definitely scary and looks like the sea monster of Jaws' movie... I have a very old one, I might hve bought it ten years ago, and it has not all the new fashion stuffes like cold, massage or anything else designed to reduce pain... I am not very oversensitive to pain so my piece of advice takes it into account...

For me, it has mainly advantages and some small drawbacks :


- it is the fastest method
- it works well even on short hairs
- it can be used everywhere even on sensitive areas
- it lasts long :between 2 and 4 weeks

- it may induce tough ingrown hairs, especially on the bikini line
- some people find it hurt but it is less and less painful after uses
- it can be irritating on dry and weakened skin

PS : I had used it a lot in the past because it is fast and easy and less messy than wax. But I find recently an other method I prefer over it. I am a kind of master in ingrown hairs so it was not the best option :s

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lipocils from Talika so what?

Well I finished my 28-trial period yesterday and I have to say, I am really happy with the results. It consists of a clear gel kind-of mascara you have to put on your eyelashes morning and night.

I take before/after pictures so you can judge them by yourself. The pics are not that good but yeah in my opinion, it works really good and you may be willing to give a try. If you tend to loose your lashes or want them longer and/or want to activate sleeping follicles this is definitely your stuff!
But enough chattering, let see the pics :
(click on to enlarge)
Well the results are "clearer" on the open eye and the side view: on the after ones, you can see numerous new translucent lashes and the bottom lashes are longer too. On the side view, my lashes seem to be curlier and that is just because they are longer ^^.
Is it not that great??? It does not make me cry when I put it on my lashes and you can put real mascara on top without any trouble. I have not lost a single lash since I use it.

I must confess I am pretty hooked :)
It is definitely really noticeable when you put mascara on every morning yeah little victory!!!

See ya :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Yes or no?

Today I have a question for you...

I am quite obsessed with my nails currently as my skin is going so so so bad :s (heavy ugly breakouts on my cheeks). Tidying up my makeup closet, I found yesterday a little lost, never-opened nail polish in my small collection. I am not a nail stuff junkie as my work is not very compatible with nail maintenance
(I use many organic solvents on a daily basis) but for months now, I am far from the lab so I can care a little more about them...

So I give this lonely tiny bottle a go and I do not really know what to think about it. Let me try to explain : I do like this shade, a kind of frosty light taupish colour (mini Bourjois Techno bar à Tokyo 43), but as I am ghostly pale, can I wear it without making my hands looking wash out?
Pieces of advice welcome!

Please do not mind my unskilled manicure I am still practising ;p.
See ya :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Liquid foundation routine

All in all I have two different foundation routine depending on my skin condition. One consists mainly in mineral cosmetics. Here is the other one :
- primes : on T-zone anti-shine base from Sephora professionnel + everywhere else base hydratante unifiante de Stila
- corrector : corrector stick green/beige from Avène
- foundation : superbalanced make-up (Ivory) from Clinique + vanilla complexion enhancer from Agnès B + a single drop of Lustre Drops Sun Rush -LE- from MAC
- concealer : Select cover up NW20 from MAC + Powderflage from Benefit

- powder : on T zone Stay Matte Sheer Pressed Powder (Invisible Matte) from Clinique + everywhere else Météorites powder for the face (Mythic) from Guerlain
- contouring : fresh bloom allover colour (almond blossom) from Clinique
- blush : cream colour base (Crushed Bougainvillea -LE-) from MAC
- highlight : Diamond Lust sheer eyeshadow (Champagne Buzz) from Revlon...

I know I put so many stuffes on my face but after all that my skin looks OK :)

See ya :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Half way...

Just a quick update on my 10 pan project...

I am on my way to success *giggle* right in the middle of the road... Five more and it will be over!
I have to say that it has dome great advantages, I am not planning anymore to buy everything I can catch in beauty stores and that is a good point...

I want to buy new stuffes, of course, but just the ones I really need! Especially good skincare in acne medicatio because pimples are flourishing on my face right one
(my skin is sadly over reactive to stress :().
Anyway here are the first 5 stuffes I ended up :
From left to right clockwise : Ceracute stick from Noviderm (the best lip balm I have ever tried), perfection makeup base from Sephora (so so), Volume Shocking Exact Brush from l'Oreal (great volumizing mascara but discontinued), Blue corrector from Pure Luxe (to hide orange-brownish scars), Cleanane anti-shine regulating lotion from Avène.

That is it for today.
See ya :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So a new post about hair removal means! Today wax... First, people have to bare in mind that most of them are sugar based do there are not safe for diabetics. Waxes for hair removal can be warm or cold. If you have visible broken vessels like me I would highly recommend the cold one. Heat tends to increase blood flow and to weaken vessel walls by dilatation so not a good idea :s.

Anyway warm wax has many advantages, it removes hair very efficiently and the results last really long, you do not need to use cotton stripes most of the time, it does not hurt that much, it can be removed under shower with classical soap. But it is really messy, it needs practice to get prefect results,you can be badly burnt too if it is too hot and finally you can not reach some area unless you are over flexible :p.
I prefer cold wax because it is ready to use, less messy and in my case more efficient. But you have to use oil to remove residual traces and as for warm wax, it is not that good on short hairs.
I do not use it that often in my hair removal routine but I like it when I go for a long vacation when I can not bring all my stuffes. The results you have are definitely the most long-lasting ones you can have except from laser.

Best use for sensitive areas like bikini line and armpits. It hurts a bit, yes, but in my opinion it is the softest and less aggressive way there. You can have it done buy a beautician (I do not I really do not like have my hairs remove by someone else) but there are out there some nice products : for warm wax, Nair is a good brand, for cold one I would say Veet and a special mention to Nejma's oriental waxing sugar
(the perfect cheap wax, really efficient)
See ya :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New tag...

Ok, no talk about hair today but a request for my few readers.

I am looking for a nice and easy to apply purple nail polish.
I already have one
(the one I wear on the picture) but it is so annoying to apply, it needs 3 to 4 coats to be nearly opaque and I really don't like the silver sparks inside... Oh and it is streaky too but on this point it may be because of my low talent for nail polish application ;p.

So if you have found this HG let me know and if it is not too pricey it is even better!
The one I am wearing on the picture is number 35 Dark Violet Colour Mini form Nivea Beauty... I quite like their make up line
(especially mascaras and foundations), I think it is one of the best drugstore brand available but not this nail polish line for sure. This nail polish is way too sheer after two coats!

Any piece of advise?
See ya :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hair fake ennemies...

Shaver and depilatory cream are the easiest way to get rid of hairs but to me they definitely do not be worth it.

Why? Let's do a list of pros and cons.
Shaver :
- fast
- easy
- give really smooth skin without hurting in no time
- thousands of ingrown hairs in my case
- you can badly cut yourself
- the skin tends to become slightly greyish when you shave
- you have to shave every other day at least to keep smooth skin

Depilatory cream :
- no pain
- efficient on really short hair
- OMG, it stings!!! I try several formulas but each time it makes me nauseous
- it does not last long enough
- from time to time you can get severe allergies
- of course your skin will be very sensitive to the sun for the next 24h
(sun exposure will result in sun stain which will take for ever to vanish)

So from my point of view, I prefer to suffer just a little bit more to obtain more long-lasting results without any of the aforementioned drawbacks.
That is all for today!
See ya :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hair removal...

Yep I know I am not very glamourous again but I think most women are concerned with hair removal.

I remembered being surprised when I went to the US to see that most women use to shave. I simply can not do that! It grows back too fast and way too straight for me. I hate feeling my skin this spicky!
I have to reckon I am pretty hairy thanks to my mediterranean origins. And of course on my fair skin my black hairs are clearly visible
So I decide to make a review on the several methods I use including their advantages and drawbacks... I will also give you pieces of advise on what I do before, while and after removing hairs. And what I try to do also to avoid ingrown hairs (big, really big issue!).

Hope it will be useful to some of you.

See ya :)