Saturday, December 4, 2010

Long time no see...

I know I have not posted anything here for a very long time but guess what I have been busy yeah I know easy one... But that is so true :) 
My life has gone from bad to good, then worst and finally over crazy good at the end of November. You may know that I had a short fixed term contract and that it was my first real job experience despite my advanced age. I am that exact kind of girl who did long studies believing it will bring her a dreamt job and it did quite well in the end. But trust me I was not so sure of my choice about a year ago when I was still unemployed. 

So here I am now at the beginning of December with a brand new long term job contract which allow me to plan things for my future like buying a flat, going on vacations far away and so on :)). But enough ramblings about my newborn life ^^ onto makeup and skincare.

Why do I start posting here again? Because I am also the kind of girls who take big (unbearable) resolutions each time she experiences a life change and I want to share some of my new "fully grown up" bites of life with you, my fellow readers who may come back here seeing a new post :p. That being said, signing my new contract may have been the worst week in my credit card's life. I indulge myself with so many treats I am nearly ashamed of myself (nearly). So be prepared to see all what I buy. They will be a Zuneta order, a Mario Badescu haul, some Stila and a very strange soap, some other skincare (nothing I am really used to so be prepared for review). I know I won't post on a daily basis here but I will try to do it weekly (finger cross I will try not to break this promise). So please stay tuned there will be one next week on Zuneta (I get it today and so far I am impressed with what I got)

See ya :)  

PS: I think I will do a summary of my week posts (the ones of my French blog) with the most important pieces of information (if there are some after all it is just beauty).