Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mirror mirror tell me who...

... is the most beautiful girl in the world? Hello, anonymous visitor on my poor left-alone English blog but you know same old song I have been crazingly busy over the past months it explains this awesome no man's land :p. But I went home tonight feeling blue and willing to write to you my own version of a web 2.0 tale and sadly not the fairy kind of tale. I am a huge fan of beauty blogs (I indeed own an other one written in French because it is way easier for me :) ) and to me, English ones are the best. They taste a lil exotic to me but still understandable which is the main objective in the end ^^. So here it goes, my tonight tale will deal with one of my favorite blog and its owner the princess T. (no Snow White for tonight).

Once upon a time, far far away from where I currently am, was born the gorgeous princess T. She had everything : beauty, brain, money and perhaps the nicest soul on Earth but for some crazy people all these were sins. Too perfect, too smooth in their way too good to be true. 
But our gorgeous princess did not know how much jealousy can torn apart souls so she decided to start blogging a couple of years ago for fun perharps and, of course, ended up taking down everything because of these vilains a few days ago. These evil-minded ones did not seem to understand how it was possible that such a perfect creature with her supposed pink and glittery life could be touched by someone's else destiny. For them, she might be stupid or just vain to keep talking about makeup after what happened to someone she was supposed to love! 

After hearing that, the only thing that comes to my mind is that human beings are definitely not the ultimate stage of evolution. At least I hope not! How can people safely hidden behind their computer screen be so mean and gratuitously nasty to someone else they hardly know. Who know what her seemingly perfect life really is and if it is in the end why do not be delighted with it instead? Maybe make up and beauty ramblings helped her dealing with her feelings and her distress. 

I can not stand people acting like that especially with someone like princess T. who gave away true pieces of herself talking and writing down about how sensitive and emotional she is. What I hope now is that it is just a break, a lil goodbye and not an adieu. I will really miss her freshness and the good vibes that spread from a blog post. 

Take care princess T. and hope to see you aroud really soon. 

See ya :)


Anna said...

Yes, I hope to see her around really soon too...and I'm also glad you're back to your English blog too, hope this isn't just a parenthesis! x

Une fille Lambda said...

@Anna: hi Anna! Really glad you stopped by. I'll try to keep this blog update from time to time. I won't make any promise I am not sure to stand anyway :)

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