Saturday, July 3, 2010

My dreamt dress

Hello there! No I am not dead but my current work keeps me kind of busy so no time for regular updates on my English blog :s. They will be ten times more mistakes (if it was possible...) in this post than in the previous ones as I lack some practise in English but please bare with me.
You may already know that I live in Paris in a really wealthy district so they are a lot of cloth designer shops around my place. And this afternoon, sneaking around for some interesting sales (yeah it is summer sale time here), I discovered a brand new shop from a Spanish designer I have never heard about : Sonia Peña. I am totally out when it comes to fashion and clothes in general, maybe she is famous but it is not a big deal for me. 

Anyway, the shop was fully packed with amazing cocktail and nightime dresses and as wedding season is up for me I thought why not have a closest look. Yeah I am aging (sigh!) and all my closest friends are getting married this summer or next one.
I have to say the dresses are fantastic! I was a bit scared to look like a big fat cow trying to fit in something too skiny for her but it ends up looking OK I think (I hope?). 
The sale assistant who took care of me insisted that I tried a "mermaid" dress as I like to call them (a sheath dress I think is the real name) because it would emphasize my best curves and hide the "barely there" ones (so to say my big booty and my missing boobs). 

The fabric is really heavy (which means high quality for me), the design quality is stunning and the cut is perfect. They were hundreds of underlayers in there but the outcome was impressive. Not because I was in there but because it makes me look right, well-shaped and over-glamourous :).
Here is the pic of the one I tried even if mine was fuschia without the fluffy belt (as I stay away from black for wedding)

So what you think? Wearable for a classy wedding or not? It is pretty pricey yeah (600€ I think) but the quality is there! Maybe it will be a lil cheaper soon with the sales? I have to check with a guy friend what he thinks about me wearing this (men are rude but good advisors for wedding :) )

See ya :)

PS: I am not raving about the way I look, trust me there is absolutely nothing to rave about but if you want to give yourself a special treat with an amazing dress you'd better have a look to this Spanish designer :p


Lullaby77 said...

I think it's totally wearable for a wedding, but I am sad when I have to pay that much for something I'm not going able to wear again :(
(If you're like me, your friends know each other, so they're all invited to all the weddings, and you can't wear the same dress twice!)
I like 1,2,3 boutiques for that kind of outfit, the prices are more reasonable.
Oh and you DO NOT have a big booty, girl!!!

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: I can wear the same dress more than once as I have different groups of friends :) Lucky me! I do understand anyway that spending that much on occasional clothes is a lil frustrating
I have never found anything in 1,2,3 but a lot of my friends are addicts ^^.
For my booty, yes it is compared to the rest of my sizing I swear to you :)))

Tali said...

WOW!!! Perfect for a wedding!
But I am the same as the comment above.. its so annoying when you feel only can wear one dress once. But now as I get older I care less.. this year i wore the same dress to two weddings.
Whatever! hehe xoxo

Une fille Lambda said...

@Tali: I was really pleased to discover this shop. The dresses truly are amazing. Like you I do not really care about wearing the same wedding outfit twice. To me if it really suits you right no one will really care. A pretty looking girl stays pretty even if the outfit stays the same ^^

Stéphanie said...

That dress is absolutly beautiful. I think I'd like to buy half of the 2010 collection :-)

Une fille Lambda said...

@Stephanie: hello gorgeous! Guess what? I do agree all the dresses are amazing but they have chosen the right models too. They all look like princesses ^^. Maybe I will have a look soon to see if it is still avalaible :p

Anonymous said...

There's a slightly similar looking dress on Envi Prom's website costing $300. You might wanna check it out :)

Une fille Lambda said...

@Anonymous: thanks a lot for the info but I ended finding something else (a lot cheaper)

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