Sunday, May 2, 2010

Advanced night repair eye recovery complex from Estee Lauder

Quite a long time since my last post but guess what I am busy doing nothing. I even shut down this blog but a dear friend of mine sounded a lil sad about it so here I am back :p. I will try to catch up with my French blog posts and I am hugely late :)
So here is a review I made a while ago on an other eyecream. You may know by now how much I am addicted to these little creams. I think it is my favorite/most-wanted skincare piece right after spot treatment for stupid skin like mine. Anyway enough rambling, here we go!

What do I think about it? The packaging is the classical one you can expect from Estée Lauder, kind of plain glass pot with golden lettering. The cream texture is very ice, something inbetween a thin cream and a gel, but it comes in a pot which means you have to pour your fingers in unless you have a sparing spatula. From a company as pricey as Estée Lauder, providing the spatula would be nice I think :s. It sinks straight into the skin without any rubbing action which is great and leaves the skin smooth. I can not talk about make-up affinity as I used it at night time only but nothing weird happens to my eyes during this trial :p. No obvious smell and you need the tiniest amount to do the job as wiht most eyecreams.

Does it work? Neither better nor worse than all the stuffes I tried before. For the anti-wrinkle parameter, I can not say as I am wrinkle free for now. It helps a little with dehydration but not at all with dark circles.
Yes, it does provide hydration but nothing over the top in my opinion. My undereye area still feels over dehydrated the next morning. Neverthless, it is sweet to use apart from the non hygenical packaging and leaves a nice fresh feeling before crawling in the bed ^^. Apart from that, nothing to jump around about for something that expensive. But I have to reckon I am not the main targeted user :p.

Do I recommend it? Not really to be a 100% honest. I do not see why it is so expensice

Prix: 49€ for 15ml Estée Lauder France website. Also avalaible at Sephora

I got it in a Christmas kit along with a cream, a serum and a face wash. It is still not empty and I used it for about 2 months so a little goes a long way but all in all, it is still not my long searched fr HG :)
PS bis: I just read you are supposed to use it morning and night!!! Crazy for something called night repair, doesn't it? Anyway it may explain my poor results. I should have checked that before. Maybe using it twice a day will perform better ^^

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