Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My e/s disappointments...

Does it happen to you too from time to time? I read so much about both the e/s I will talk about underneath that I was sure to love them but it fails. They wera one of my last mini haul and I am really disappointed.

I was lurking in Sephora with a sale coupon and thought about getting new shimmery highlighter for my brow bone. To me this little trick is the best invention since sliced bread as it lifts your eyes and also helps to hide lil tweezing imperfections when you suffer llike I do from bushy brows. Anyway, I do own Highlight from NYw, which is a pale mat yellow often compared to MAC Vanilla (and of course nothing alike) but I like it a lot. It matches pretty well my skin and brings some light. So my quest ws two new shimmery golden higlighters one with warm reflects ans one with cold ones.

Underneath the two I choose :

- Nanogold from MAC (repromoted with onhe Color Forecast collection): light gold with pink reflects (on the left)
- nd one of the new Sephora Colorful Mono n°10 Californian Blonde : light golden-white with silvery reflects (on the right).

Both are really so-so not to say worth but not for the same reason.

The Nanongold does not show up at all my skin!!! And I am so pale it is a pity. I have to layer it hundreds times and it shows up pink not gold at all. The texture is really hard to work with I am happy that I bought it for highlighting purpose and not as a lid colour :s.
For the Californian Blonde, the colour is really pretty more frosty than shimmery but I like it a lot. So what's wrong about it? The texture!!! OMG, when I went back home I decided to swatch it with my finger and the shadow is rough and bumpy to the touch. Urgh :(! Like if it has had an allergic reaction or a huge acne breakouts :p. It really annoys me. And I am really surprised not to have read anything about this point before (maybe it is just mine whoch suffers from this strange disease :p).

Quite a huge disappointment really happy not to have splurging on for more and not to have paid fulll price for them. I hate throwing money out of windows so I will use them but I am used to better than this (and considering one of this shadow is from MAC, argh!)

Do you tried one of them? Do you like them? Anyone who gives a go to the new metallic Sephora Mono maybe?

See ya :)


Lullaby77 said...

I have nanogold in the spiced chocolate quad, I don't use it much. But I have to say that although it looks invisible, it does show its pink duochrome very well when the light hits it. Not sure I love a pink brow bone, though.

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: I do not use it much too. But I do not mind having a pink flashing browbone under my glasses no one will really notice it ^^

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