Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bright lining!

Last FOTD I promised to do an other look with the UD Alice in Wonderland BOS but I was in a pigment mood so it was pigments :p. Morevover, it would let me talk about a mineral brand I really like : Archetype Cosmetics.
I ordered only twice from them and each time I splurge on e/s samples as they just cost 25 cents. Yes you read it well! To be 100% honest, the site is horrible to navigate and the shipping delays were really bad (about 8 weeks or so) but it is not the case anymore. I get my last order in about 2 weeks which is normal with the unefficient French postal service!
If you click on the website link you will notice that everything is purple and black so the goth inspiration is not hidden and the eyeshadow range reflects it so well. Everything to perform striking and gorgeous eye makeup :p.
For my makeup I used :
Beetle Wings (grey-taupe colour with green flecks), Chubby Skeleton (purple-burgundy with red-pink highlights) & Corpse Candle (gorgeous teal blue with glitters). It turns out like that :

Yes only one pic as I was still fighting with my swollen finger at that time.
- on the whole lide : Beetle Wing applied foiled
- in the outer V blended inwards : Chubby Skeleton
- as a liner on the lower (smudged) and the upper lashline : Corpse Candle applied foiled on top of a turquoise pencil (fluidline Blue Peep from MAC gorgeous)
on the bottom lashline : inner, Beetle Wing & outer, Chubby Skeleton
- as a highlighter, 10 Californian Blonde from Sephora
- mascara (Volume Shocking Brosse Exacte from l'Oreal which is not so fresh looking anymore)

On daylight it looks soft and subtle in my opinion:

(too much light for the second pic :p)
For the base: camouflage cream palette MUFE + Unifiance Skin like foundation 01 from La Roche Posay (discontinued) with a single drop of Lustre Drops Pink Rebel from MAC (limited edition) + Météorites pearl powder in 01.
For the dark circles : Select Cover up from MAC NW 20 + Powderflage from Benefit
For the cheeks : Fresh bloom allover colour Almond Blossom 03 from Clinique (hollow) + + Embelliseur Abricot from Agnes B & Blush MAC Fun & Games (on the apples) + Mineralize Skinfinish Soft and Gentle from MAC (limited edition, highlight)
On the lips: a random lipbalm. A no lipstick day for me :)

Do you wear bright glittery eyeliner? I think it brings back to life soft smokey eyes in springtime and makes them more wearable for daytime!

See ya :)


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