Friday, September 25, 2009

Hair removal : last post

I promise this post is the last one about hair removal. But I thought it could be interesting to distinguish what I used where

- for bikini line: sugar wax from Marocco. Once you know how to use it, it is fast easy and perfect and it costs nothing. You can even make your own!
- for the tighs : sometimes with an electrical device or cold wax because it is less messy than the hot version.

And to explain the picture:

-for legs and armpits : no!no! and nothing else. Well if I go for a vacation abroad where I can not plug my stuffes, I go for hot wax in a beauty salon but otherwise it is no!no!.
How does it work? Well it is an electronic device with hot blades (not cutting ones, it is not a razor) that locate hairs (up to 1 mm) and flash it. The heat propagates through the hair to the root and kill it.
So it is a bit smelling as the hairs litteraly burn (grilled pork I will say), it is a bit time consuming and it takes time to get used to it and make it work as its full potential. The hair removal lasts about a week and hairs grow back like after shaving but less strong.

: - absolutely no ingrown hairs
- fewer and fewer hairs
(I have patches on my legs free of hairs now)
not painful at all

Cons : - the funky smell
- it is a bit time-consuming
- you have to have used it for a while to see a diminution in hair density
- the hot blades and buffer are a bit hard to find. Anyway now they are sold online at many places.

Price: 199€ at Sephora but you can buy it abroad for cheaper. It is pricey but efficient enough in my point of view.

What I like the most about it, is the fact you can use it laid on the coach, eating popcorn and watching TV at the same time. It is not the discovery of the world but it has the same advantages as shaving without any of the drawbacks.

That is it...
See ya :)

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