Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eye palettes from China

Well, one of my few readers, Lullaby (hi you!), was wondering about these Chinese palettes and more specifically, about its content. Why?
Because they are super cheap and the color pay off is really good for the price. So all in all, they are very attractive and it sounds too good to be true.

Where can you buy them? Well several places as they are mass-produced in China. They are sold by Coastal Scents in the US, Zoeva in Germany and on Ebay directly from Hong Kong.

Do I have ever tried one of them? I personnally own 5 of them (both 88, the neutral, the neutral+blushes and one made of shimmery baked eyeshadows). I bought the first one at Coastal Scents and the 4 others at Zoeva. I try to avoid buying stuffes at CS as they tend to be rude to their customers. They all come from the same place, a dark plant in China.

Will these e/s cause sensitivity or allergy?
I can just talk of my personal case. I have not encountered any inconvenience with those. They are easy to remove and do not irritate my eyes. And I do have sensitive eyes.

Anyway are there heavy metals in there like mercury or lead?
I have no way to perform my own chemical analysis of these e/s but they were labels on the ones I bought at Zoeva. So here are the contents displayed on the Zoeva's ones:
-talc, everybody's know about it
-mica, every girl who use mineral makeup is aware of what it is :p
-mineral oil, ok this is paraffin, this thick oil extracted from crude oil
-kaolin, white clay which helps to minimise shine
-titanium dioxide, improve coverage and sunscreen (si si si)
magnesium stearate, white pigment and moisturising
-isopropyl palmitate, binder
-lanolin, emulsifier and emollient
-methylparaben et propylparaben, preservatives
-BHT or E321, controversial antioxidant
- the other CI numbers are cosmetic colorants; organic, mineral, synthetical or crude oil-derived. All of them are allowed in Europe (I check all of them :p)

So I will say that from this list of contents, nothing worth than in others higher end eyeshadows. Well if you are an organic addict, the contents sound bad and it may be. Anyway according to current regulations they are health-friendly.

No heavy metals to declare as long as the list of contents is reliable. And I tend to be confindent with German information, German people are known for their seriousness.

That's it...
See ya :)


Tali said...

I havent even touched mine since day 1.. lol disaster!!

Lullaby77 said...

Well thanks a lot for this article. Or I should rather not thank you since I have ordered both the 88 Warm and the 120 now...

I must be totally honest, I am not 100% reassured because only a complete analysis would tell the truth. Last year I e-mailed CS to explain my concerns, and their answer was: we get the ingredient lists from the suppliers and they're all FDA approved. Right... but I know from experience that they're not always careful in the Far East in terms of telling the truth.
But well, I am taking the risk, I know I won't use these palettes all the time but they will be fun to have.
I am much more cautious with lipsticks, though, as we "absorb" more of it.

Une fille Lambda said...

@Tali: that's really bad girl :p Just kidding you have many other nice stuffes to play with :p

@Lullaby77: all I can say is that the label on the palettes I own from Zoeva have a Zoeva sticker for the table of contents. Maybe they have performed their own analyses on those or maybe they just have reprinted the list they were given. I do not know.
For lipsticks, you are right, I remembered reading a paper saying that an American girl averagely eats 8 kg of lipstick during their lifetime! Sounds crazy hum?

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