Thursday, September 3, 2009

Project "10 pan" is over!!!

Yes! Finally, my project 10 pan is over now. I succeed, yes! I am quite happy to come to an end with it. It was fun but I have to admit quite frustrating sometimes... I am so into anything beauty related that I love buying stuffes just for the love of buying it. I have tones of unopened things in my boards but I keep buying some...
From left to right :
- Anti-shine make-up base from Séphora professionnel
(yes but not over the top)
Black eyeliner from Séphora (real black but not the easiest to apply for beginners)
- Lipocils de Talika
(tu sais qu'ellr t'aime toi)
Anti-shine blotting sheets from Bourjois (not the best out therre)
Green and beige duo corrector stick from Avène (good for blemished skin like mine).

This kind of project is supposed to deter people from compulsive buying but it does not seem to be working on me ;p. I have so many new things I am planning to buy on my mind already!

See ya :)

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