Monday, September 21, 2009

Back to the world

Hi there I am back! Hope you are doing well :)

I have been taking care of my nephew for the past week. I have to reckon that children can be really exhausting but all in all they are funnier above all.
I have not many new beauty-related things to talk about as I tried to make mu skin have a rest during my vacations. My spots and blemishes seem to vanish surely but slowly with the anti-acneic treatment I am now using. Anyway, it has a bad side effect that make my skin becomes really dry so I will perhaps stop using it for a while and come back to it if I break ou again.

I will try to write my first scientific article on the CS palettes, more specifically if they are health safe as they are mass-produced in China.
Apart from that, I will soon send pictures of my strong and healthy nails!!! OMG I am really impressed with brewer's yeast. It sounds like a little miracle to me right now ^^. I will also make a haul of all my new purchases of make up and skincare. I just need to go back to my place and grab my camera as I am now still on vacations at my parent's.

That's it.
See ya :)


Lullaby77 said...

Welcome back! Yay for the review, I am waiting on it to press the "order button" (or not).
(Well technically I am on a no-buy but I mean, later, when I can buy again)

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: thanks miss!!! I will try to take great pictures to make you die to buy new stuffes hihihi :p

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