Saturday, September 5, 2009

Skin and complexion enhancers

A post about complexion and skin enhancers, you are interested?

What is it used for? It sounds a bit like magic in a pot. It is supposed to make your complexion glows and to tone down some overstrong undertones of it. Really helpful for dull and tired complexion.

So it is exactly the same as a primer? No not exactly but primer can double as skin enhancer.... A primer is meant to help make up last longer, to smooth wrinkles and skin aspect, to hide flaws and pores or also to avoid shine for instance. It is a more technical product than skin enhancer and has to be used under make up. It can not be worn alone it is not a skincare product

So what about skin enhancers? They are used to change and enhace skin undertone and brighten complexion. When you are lacking of sleep it is a perfect trick. They can be used alone for their benefits as a skincare product. For my point of view, they aim at the same target as serums but they do not treat the underlying problems. It is an instantaneous perfector which have to be applied at the end of your skincare routine. They are the HG of perfect smooth skin and pretty summer tanned skin. They add a pleasant extra kick of moisture!

What have tried from now?
- Apricot and Vanilla complexion enhancers from Agnès B (around 17€). Definitely not the best ones out there.

le Blanc de Chanel (sheer illuminating base) (35€). I do love this one because it is really useful to lighten too dark foundations and to awaken dull complexions. And it smells just gorgeous. I sometimes like to open just to sniff it! Do you think I am a junky??? :p

- Color Skin Enhancer Anti-Dullness Radiance Care (72,50€). Yes it is so expensive but it is the best one I have ever tried. The texture is perfect and the effect is gorgeous. But yeah for everyday use it is overpricey. I have to find a new job first to rebuy it! ^^

I will soon do a 101 on primer. So if you are interested
in that check my blog back.
Do you personnaly use skin enhancer?

See ya :)

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