Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nutritive pills for skin enhancement

All is nearly said in the title of the post. You may know if you read this blog for a while now that I was blessed with nearly perfect skin till my 19. Then it changes : hormones, birth control pill, stress, bad diet, lack of sleep??? Maybe a bit of everything but in the end I have now really bad skin which has become sensitive and breaks out everytime I try something new. So when I heard about nutritive pills meant to improve your skin condition, I had to give it a go
I tried two different kinds you can find in France : " les compléments alimentaires peaux à imperfections" (=nutritive pills for troubled, blemished skin) from Exfoliac and "Purifiant peau" (=skin purifying) from Oenobiol. I have taken them for 3 months as adviced on the box...

What is it suppose to do? It is supposed to help purify your skin and regulate sebum from the inside by providing important nutrients, especially vitamins of the B group. These ones are the most efficient for the skin.

Does it work? I have to say that during the "treatment" I still had some spots, maybe one or two from time to time so I was not that impressed. But I finished it 2 weeks ago and since my skin has been consistently breaking out with ugly and painful spots and not only one or two. I have not realised it before writing this article but there may be a link inbetween. I have also started to take brewer's yeast (inactive form) for a week and I do not see any improvement for now. I know this may increase breakouts at first so I will give a go for two more weeks...
It is full of B vitamins too and costs a third of the price of the aforementionned nutritive pills.

Do I recommend it? Yes I think it does a good job for very troubled skin like me. I hope it will get better soon. I know that there is the perfect skincare routine for me out there. I just need to find it! :p

Price : Exfoliac 14€ for 28 days
Oenobiol 16€ for 15 days
(expensive hum?).

Do you ever tried something like that?
See ya:)

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