Monday, August 31, 2009


I am definitely ham-handed...
I broke my thumb nail making my bed yesterday morning (know why I am not tidy now :p). I was planning to cut them all but it takes so much time to grow them that long that I finally decide not to... I am happy because before taking brewer's yeast my nails broke easily and in its length which is very painful. This time it broke clean and sharp so maybe the yeast helps a bit!
I know my hands will not look symmetrical anymore but they are not so that is Ok :p

And it is not that visible all in all when on my hand (for once I was lucky to break my thumb nail).

the outcome color of the nail polish is quite disturbing. In the bottle it looks like an opalescent salmon colour but once applied on my nails it truns to be a trivial and common kind of Barbie pink. Damn!
Something else, do you have any tips to help heal the skin around the nails (not the cuticles) because mine is very dry and make funny little unsexy "pikes". I tried to moisten my hands twice a day and give my nails a shot meanwhile but it does not seem to work very good :s

That's it
See ya :)

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