Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An everyday kind-of look and a not so good idea...

I skipped FOTD for 2 weeks so it is time to get back to good work. Well you will see that work is not that good but well trying is learning isn't it :p?
As I am quite lazy these days and not so willing to experiment I go for very easy to achieve and wearable look, hence the title of the post. To me, this kind of makeup will be flattering on every eye colour and skintone. You just have to find your perfect duo shades.

I used only 2 shadows (mat or satin finish, metallic and shimmer will not work), a light khôl pencil, a liner, a mascara and 2 brushes, that's it.
Enough babbling, the eye pics. You will immediately see what was my not-so-good idea...
You find it? ....

Yeah I know the higlighter looks pasty white (and it is not that strange as I applied something white there...). But in daylight it does not look this way. So I will remind for my next makeup that applying a white khôl as a brow highlight is a very bad idea if you plan to take pictures with a flash ^^. Maybe it is the high oil content in this type of pencil that make it looks so plain with flash :s.

Anyway it is so quick to achieve this eye makeup which is great when time is missing :
- apply white or pale khôl in the lower waterline to awaken your eyes, here white khôl from the Body Shop
-with a brush like the MAC 217 or 222 pick your dark shadow and apply it in little circles in the outer corner and outer crease. I go for Dark Brown from NYX
(dark brown with red undertones that brigthen green in the eyes)
- with a finer brush (MAC 266 ou 219 for instance) line the outer lower lashline to completely define your eyes.
- wipe off the brush you use with the dark shadow and pick the one close to your skintone, I choose Highlight from NYX. Then swipe all your eye area, starting from the inner corner of your eye and blend a little further where light and dark shades meet.
- close your lower lash line with the light khôl and blend with your former brush.
- add your top liner
(Smudge pot from Stila with a slanted brush) and continue it a little under the outer lower lashline
- put your mascara on and you're done
(Too Faced Lash Injection trial, worst macara ever!!! Have to make a review on this one ...)
- DO NOT add light khôl as a highlight if you plan to take pics otherwise it looks great :p

Time for full face pics:

For the base: camouflage cream palette MUFE + Unifiance Skin like foundation 01 from La Roche Posay (discontinué) with a single drop of Lustre Drops Pink Rebel from MAC (limited edition) + translucent pressed powder Absolutely Invisible from Too Faced.
For the dark circles : Select Cover up from MAC NW 20 + Powderflage from Benefit
For the cheeks : fesh bloom allover colour Almond Blossom 03 from Clinique
(hollow) + Cream colour base Crushed Bougainvillea from MAC (limited edition, on the apples) + Mineralize Skinfinish Petticoat from MAC (limited edition, highlight)
On the lips: Lip shimmer 7
(Raspberry) from Armani, gorgeous and not sticky. Thumbs up!

You may have notice that I took only side pictures... this is because I badly break out but only on the other cheek and as I am Photoshop-challenged it was the best solution :)). I am quite lucky afterall, it is still winter so maybe I can find a half hood to hide this half of my face :p
If any of you is raving about the Lash Injection from Too Faced let me know I am really wondering how this stuff can be a best-seller!!

See ya :)


Lullaby77 said...

awww that's so pretty!! the white pencil may not photograph well but it's a great highlighter nevertheless.

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: I love wearing mattes from time to time. I do not really know why but it makes me feel glamourous.
The white pencil is really great as back up highlighter when on vacations or in a hurry but I will try to remember that it does not photograph well :p

Stephanie said...

Now I'm awfully tired right now but I DIDNT KNOW YOU WERE SO BEAUTIFUL.
I'm absolutly jealous :-)
(I'm Stephanie from MBDF, the one in Lille :-))

Lullaby77 said...

like, MY Stephanie ?!

Stephanie said...

Like yours absoluty, the one you're going to see tomorrow afternoon <3

(non mais ça va c'est moi quoi ! Lambda on s'est envoyé des maiiiils, j'ai même un mot manuscrit de toi écrit à mon homme ! Qui n'a même pas dû dormir sur le canapé à cause de ça. Note qu'à l'époque je savais pas que tu étais AUSSI belle, ça aurait joué sinon :p)

Une fille Lambda said...

@Stephanie: hey gorgeous do not freak out I am not a super model. Ask Lullaby she saw me once :)). BUt thanks anyway.
(Salut poulette! Héhéhé)

@Lullaby77: yeah it is yours!

Lullaby77 said...

@Steph: she's lying, she IS gorgeous and I have pics to prove it!

@Lambda: Steph is being too modest she has the most incredible eyes and flawless skin I have ever sin (and don't get me started on her hair...)

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: I know I remember very well her eyes on MBDF... And if above all that she has gorgeous skin and hair she must be some kind of goddess :).
(and I am not a liar :))) )

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