Monday, February 1, 2010

In and out... January 2010

I am already a lil late but for one day who cares (I have done way worst). And this month I discovered some really interesting stuffes not too expensive. And that is really great! ^^

Ins :
- the hydrating eye lotion "Gouttes bleues" (=blue drops) from Innoxa because it helps a lot with my red tired eyes due to too much time on computer
- le lait crème concentré hydrating fluid from Embryolisse
- the nail shield (two steps)
from Mavala
- doing masks with the over famous Nivea cream (the one in the blue tin yes)
- the homemade toner green tea with mint/ apple vinegar cider (which smells like feet but works really good)

Outs :
- having hard time doing my short hair and my side-swept bang
- breaking out from stress (big painful spots on my shoulders, sigh)
- putting lipbalm every other not to have them chapped
- being stucked home to find a job
- still not having ajob
- my splitting nails because I cut off milk

Your turn...

See ya :)

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