Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Star Makeup Heaven's palettes

I can not remember where I heard from these palettes first but they are awesome. Why? Because you can fit different brands of eyeshadows in there including MAC, Urban Decay, Milani, Lancome and so on. They are magnetized so no need of extra magnet to hold them in place. Do not worry you do not have to remove the one that comes with pro pan refills from MAC. The MAC refill will be a lil higher than the other pans but it will not cause any trouble for closing the palette.
If like me you love pigments, it is an awesome solution to press them in a palette.
You will not have to deal anymore with annoying little pots that tend to fall. I prefer to handle with little zips but I do not think to grab them often enough and most full size pigments come in jar.
As I have quite a lot of free time, I did that today. I do not have enough patience to press the sample zipper bag because they are too small and I own way too many. I prefer storing them in a cardboard organizer I may show you one day :)
So here are the two palettes I bought on Star Makeup Heaven
Looks great hum? Click to enlarge and read the e/s names. Those without brand name are from MAC.

If you wonder how good the e/s from the site are, they are amazing for the price!!!

See ya:)


Lullaby77 said...

OK now I have to have them. Going to order NOW!

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: sorry hon but the 28 palettes are out of stock... Ill have to wait a lil :)))

Pasiphae said...

Beautiful palettes. You have quite a nice colour collection there!
May I ask you where do you buy Urban Decay from? Do you have them in France? I can't find it in my country and I only find old stuff online (and expensive).

Une fille Lambda said...

@Pasiphae: thanks! Ye, Urban Decay is available in France exclusively in Sephora. It is not cheap anyway.
I am quite sure you can find some stuffes online at Beautybay or HQHair. They deliver everywhere in Europe I think :p

Lullaby77 said...

Got mine, hehe, SMH is distributed on other websites so I could find them right awya :)

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: let me guess... All Cosmetics Wholesale maybe? I saw this afternoon that they carry SMH range :p

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