Wednesday, February 24, 2010

French blue eyes drops from Innoxa

This may not be the newest beauty discovery as this stuff exists for more than 50 years but to me it is really sensational. And maybe it explains a lil this product longevity. I do not know maybe product that are still sold 50 years after their launch.

What do I think about it? As I am not in a full potential period I was first quite disappointed by the packaging. Let me explain... I was expecting a classical dropper but it is a soft plastic pipette. And I did not realise at first that you have to squeeze it a little to make the drops come out :p. That being said, it is a nice turquoise liquid which brighten the white part of your eyes. 2 drops in each eyes morning and night and you will recover your most gorgeous gaze. If like me, you spend your whole day staring at a computer screen without blinking enough this stuff is God sent. You will not look anymore like a drunk rabbit. I forgot to take before/after pics, maybe next time ^^. The composition is really clean mainly hydrolates of several plants and a non controversial preservative.

Does it work? Yes and really well on my eyes. But it is not perfect. It is safe, widely available in Europe and maybe the rest of the world and you do not need a prescription for this. But you can keep it open for only 15 days and you can not use it when you wear your contacts. In that case, the best way to rehydrate and to relieve your eyes is physiological saline.

Do I recommend it ? Yes. It makes the white part of the eyes pop by contrast and it is really refreshing and relaxing for redness due to lack of sleep or hydration. But I am sure it will not work for redness due to irritation or allergy.

Price: 5€ for 15 ml everywhere in chemist's or drugstores

PS: Faut I need to buy a new one... To be completely honest, I do not throw my bottle away when I pass the 15 day deadline. Instead of using it as eye drops, I use it as a mixing medium for my pigment and shadows it works well :p. I hate throwing away not empty stuffes it makes me feel strangely nervous ^^

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Can u advice where to buy it in India?

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