Monday, February 22, 2010

Lash curler fight!

As I own two of these torture devices I think that comparing them may help some of you to make up their mind. So I take pics of me barefaced (creepy!!) focusing on my eyes and more specificallly on my eyelashes (that explain why pics are a lil blurry even if I am truly pic-challenged :p).
The two models I challenged come from Sephora : the classical mechanical version and the heated version.
Here is the result. Click on the pic to enlarge so you can see better. No make up at all in order to stay focus on our purpose :)). I try to combine everything on a single slid, hope it is understandable. Just in case you wonder, my eyelashes are pretty even on both my eyes. No gaps, no length or color difference.
So which one wins???

Well it depends on what you are looking for. First of all, both of them work on my eyelashes which is a good point.
On curling efficiency, the mechanical one wins hands up. The curve is way more important but with a lil weird angle whereas the heated one gives a brushing-like effect, softer but also less intense. From front view, the left-side eye (hence my right eye) seems to be lifted up because of the strongest curl but there is some but here. On the side view, you can see some staight lashes which have not been grabbed by the curler. It happens to me all the time and both inner and outer corner are hard to reach with a mechanical curler. Moreover, you can pinch your eyelid and it hurts like hell, it will make you cry of course and ruin all your so-hard-to-achieved make-up. S**t!

The heated one is really easy to use and you can reach every lashes quite easily. I do not brun myself using it and I quite like feeling the heat close to my eye (I may be crazy). Anyway, it is not perfect because you have to turn it on some time before using it (10 to 20 seconds to let it heat), you have to think to turn it off and also to check if the battery is OK (that sounds stupids but without battery it is useless :p)

One last important point if you use mascara, you have to apply it AFTER you curl your lashes otherwise you will break them. If I have to choose one, I will go for the heated one because it is easier to use, more natural looking and it sounds safer for the lashes to me too. I know that heat probably weakens my lashes a lil but perhaps not as mauch as binding them between a plastic and metallic grip.

That's for me. Do you use a eyelash curler on a daily basis?

See ya :)


Lullaby77 said...

I have one (the Shu) but hardly ever use it. My natural lashes aren't completely straight and with mascara I get the same kind of curl you had with the heated curler. I use the mechanical curler when I want some extra oomph even if it's not that natural.

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: I use eye lash curler mainly for my outer corner. I do not know why but these lashes tend to be ugly straight pointing in every directions. Maybe with a curling mascara it will help. Need to investigate further that point :)

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