Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Original Argan Oil Exfoliating Scrub from Zakia's Morocco

*DISCLAIMER : I was kindly given this product by Zakia's Morocco owner. I was not paid to make my review, so I will share my honest opinion on it.*

Ok this time, it is the classical scrub with grains. But this one, as all the products marketed by this brand, is organic-inspired. The grains inside are grounded argan nuts and the "soap" base contains a lot of rhassoul (clay), olive and argan oil.

What do I think about it? It is a fluid slightly gelified with plenty little grains that scrub really well. The packaging is well designed, a soft plastic bottle, easy to grip with wet hands and printed lettering directly on (no nasty labels). But there is someting I really do not like about this one : the smell. The smell is really powerful, a mixture of strong olive and ash. Yeah I know it sounds gross but it is what it reminds me. Sorry! I think I was kind of surprised by how strong it smells and I feel like the smell lingers on the skin (maybe I do feel this way because I am not so found about it :s)

Does it work? Yes it does a pretty good job without being too agressive to the skin. It reminds me from an efficiency point of view the scrubs from the Body Shop or the ones from Sephora. No strikes after strong scrubbing session (I am not very gentle when it comes to scrubbing :p). An other good point is the oil proportion inside which leaves the skin moisturize and soft without feeling greasy. It is the faster version of black soap...but with a less appealing scent in my personal opinion. But maybe you will like it!

Do I recommend it? Well so so. The scent is too disturbing for me. I do like better black soap with manual scrubbing.

Prix: 29,95$ by Zakia's Morocco (online seller). Worldwide shipment available.

This one is a kind of miss for me. But no one can win every time, right. Anyway I do like that the owner stays on his tracks of pure organic stuffes without adding artificial fragrances. The concept is appealing to me.

What is your favourite way of scrubbing?

See ya :)

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