Saturday, January 30, 2010

Calypso Minerals' test

Well this post does not come right in time as this brand is going through taugh time from what I read on the web but anywya I own some stuffes which I had not tested.
Calypso Minerals use(d?) to sell stackers of several colours like a mat rainbow, a shimmery rainbow, pastels and so on. The idea sounds good but to me it is not really that great. Each little pots do not come with its own cap which means you have to take the full stacker every time and you can not reorgarnize the colour order otherwise you will mix different pigments together.

But the most important is still the stuff inside. I do own three samples : a shimmery gold, a shimmery khaki and a mat fuschia which were sent to me by a friend. I decided to go for an eye look with all these three colours together.
- On the inner half lid, Jealousy applied wet (gold)
On the outer half lid, Khaki (well khaki :p)
As a liner on the upper lashline, fluidline Shade from MAC (gorgeous deep forest green)
As a liner smudged under lower lashes, M. Violet (fuschia)
mascara, brows...

And full face pics taken before I went to the hairdresser.
I think that applied foiled, the shimmery pigments are Ok but straight out from the pot, the pigmentation is really low and deceiving (the green does not show up at all). But, the mat version is awesome if you like mats. The fuschia was easy to work with and very intense. A very pleasant surprise for a mat!
If you like good mat pigments and if the shop re-opens one day (what I do doubt a lil) have a look at the mat rainbow stacker. Otherwise, keep your money for something else ^^.

See ya :)

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