Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So a new post about hair removal means! Today wax... First, people have to bare in mind that most of them are sugar based do there are not safe for diabetics. Waxes for hair removal can be warm or cold. If you have visible broken vessels like me I would highly recommend the cold one. Heat tends to increase blood flow and to weaken vessel walls by dilatation so not a good idea :s.

Anyway warm wax has many advantages, it removes hair very efficiently and the results last really long, you do not need to use cotton stripes most of the time, it does not hurt that much, it can be removed under shower with classical soap. But it is really messy, it needs practice to get prefect results,you can be badly burnt too if it is too hot and finally you can not reach some area unless you are over flexible :p.
I prefer cold wax because it is ready to use, less messy and in my case more efficient. But you have to use oil to remove residual traces and as for warm wax, it is not that good on short hairs.
I do not use it that often in my hair removal routine but I like it when I go for a long vacation when I can not bring all my stuffes. The results you have are definitely the most long-lasting ones you can have except from laser.

Best use for sensitive areas like bikini line and armpits. It hurts a bit, yes, but in my opinion it is the softest and less aggressive way there. You can have it done buy a beautician (I do not I really do not like have my hairs remove by someone else) but there are out there some nice products : for warm wax, Nair is a good brand, for cold one I would say Veet and a special mention to Nejma's oriental waxing sugar
(the perfect cheap wax, really efficient)
See ya :)


Lullaby Septante-Sept said...

I use veet (the regular one, not the one you supposedly can remove without cotton pads, it's crap) but only on my arms :-) If I am in a rush I'll use cold wax but it doesn't work as well on long hair, I prefer warm one if I have enough time.
On my legs well, I don't have the patience plus my blood vessels don't like it much so I shave...

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby Septante-Sept: OMG you wax your arms??? I am definitely too lazy to do that, too time-consuming, but as shaving is not friendly for me I need to remove my hair on legs, bikini line and armpits with an equivalent method and it takes me already enough time do to all the areas!!! It is a pain to be hairy!

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