Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lipocils from Talika so what?

Well I finished my 28-trial period yesterday and I have to say, I am really happy with the results. It consists of a clear gel kind-of mascara you have to put on your eyelashes morning and night.

I take before/after pictures so you can judge them by yourself. The pics are not that good but yeah in my opinion, it works really good and you may be willing to give a try. If you tend to loose your lashes or want them longer and/or want to activate sleeping follicles this is definitely your stuff!
But enough chattering, let see the pics :
(click on to enlarge)
Well the results are "clearer" on the open eye and the side view: on the after ones, you can see numerous new translucent lashes and the bottom lashes are longer too. On the side view, my lashes seem to be curlier and that is just because they are longer ^^.
Is it not that great??? It does not make me cry when I put it on my lashes and you can put real mascara on top without any trouble. I have not lost a single lash since I use it.

I must confess I am pretty hooked :)
It is definitely really noticeable when you put mascara on every morning yeah little victory!!!

See ya :)

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