Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hands or feet?

You will think I am crazy (and maybe I am), but I discover something really surprising to me today.

I was daydreaming in the underground this morning and I suddenly realised I stared at the women's feet surrounding me.
Because it is still summer here and many women wear open shoes and paint their toes. And yes, I find it strange because none of the ones I looked at paint their finger nails...
I could personnlay take time to care about my hands and put on a funny nail polish but do the same for my feet sounds really not exciting to me! Yeah, maybe I miss something, but my feet are so damaged due to former intensive ballerina dancing that I can not do anything good... What seem the most odd to me is to care about your feet and not your hands!
So that is my question tonight : do you paint your finger nails or your toe ones or both? I will really be interested to know why you just paint your toes if you do so
(yeah curiosity ;) )

See ya :)

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