Friday, August 7, 2009

Half way...

Just a quick update on my 10 pan project...

I am on my way to success *giggle* right in the middle of the road... Five more and it will be over!
I have to say that it has dome great advantages, I am not planning anymore to buy everything I can catch in beauty stores and that is a good point...

I want to buy new stuffes, of course, but just the ones I really need! Especially good skincare in acne medicatio because pimples are flourishing on my face right one
(my skin is sadly over reactive to stress :().
Anyway here are the first 5 stuffes I ended up :
From left to right clockwise : Ceracute stick from Noviderm (the best lip balm I have ever tried), perfection makeup base from Sephora (so so), Volume Shocking Exact Brush from l'Oreal (great volumizing mascara but discontinued), Blue corrector from Pure Luxe (to hide orange-brownish scars), Cleanane anti-shine regulating lotion from Avène.

That is it for today.
See ya :)

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