Thursday, August 27, 2009

About ingrown hairs...

Yeah a new talk about hairs but not about hair removal this time. I will give you my tips to avoid most ingrown hairs.
Firstly, it is a very particular issue. It depends on people's skin and on what method was used for removing the hairs... For me the two winners for making ingrown hairs are shaving and waxing (too bad for waxing because I really enjoy the fact it is so long lasting).
Anyway, what you can try to minimize ingrown hairs:

Before :
- the day before, scrub everywhere you plan to remove your hair. Grainy scrub are the best ones for that because they are really scratchy. I like sugar and salt ones the most.
Why doing that? Because if there are many dead cells on top of your skin your new growing hair won't be able to pierce. New hairs are quite weak in fact.

Next you remove your hairs the way you want!

Right after:
- you carefully moisten your skin to make it as soft as possible

The days after :
- if you are prone to inrown hairs :
*a keratolytic milk (by Avène Akerat , by Uriage Kératosane 15...) which helps surface skin cells turnover.
*or a specific skincare for ingrown hairs...
What I personnally tried and works OK :
- Ingrow Go fromSkin Doctors (19€)
- Soin Laurence Dumont poils incarnés (5,5€)
- Soin anti-poils incarnés from Veet (7€) ...
You have to use them everyday till your next hair removal session to see the improvement.

See ya :) (the picture is a road sign from a French town which name is "hair" in French, sometimes you see strange stuff in my country :p)

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