Wednesday, August 26, 2009

French manucure

... could it be approximative?
Yeah I know I may be annoying with my strange questions but I think most people (especially girls) care about other's hands. Let me try to explain : a girl without make up is really OK, it doesn't schock anyone but a girl who does not care at all about her hands will look strange, doesn't she?

So I tried to give myself a French manucure (I should have tried something easier but I like challenges :) ) with a slightly white nail polish and a true white for the nail tips... As I am not a good photographer either, I decide to make a funnier pic and add one of my little stuffed toy. I got this sheep when I was 10 I think. I used to collect stuffed toys when I was younger...

(white polish Le Blanc French manucure from Yves Rocher -too pasty- & Sephora multi action white n°03)

So do you have any tips to have better nails. Mine are really not healthy, they break easily and grow without shape it is really annoying. I tried brewer's yeast for a month to see if things improve (it is supposed to help improve skin and hair also all in one!). If you have any pieces of advice to make them whiter I am interested!

See ya :)


Tali said...

I have no nail tips.. normally mine are fake!! But i like the nails in the picture.. if they are real they look pretty healthy to me!

Une fille Lambda said...

@Tali: yes they are my real nails... I think the picture and the polish make them look healthier and nicer than they are :p.
I do not wear acrylics because it tends to weaken nails and you have to go for a manucure frequently to care about them. I am also not enough careful with my hands :)

Could I ask you why you have no nail tips? Do they break or maybe you do not like it? I know some girls can stand long nails. I feel the exact opposite without nails I am "fingerless" ^^

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