Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Something about plum

Yeah I know plum in eye make-up is controversial. But in my opinion, it contrasts so well with any eye colour with green hue that I like to use it sometimes on my average hazel, honey eyes... It really enhances the green in my eyes even if it is not that clear on the following pictures. Sometimes it can make look like you were punched in the face but well applied I do like it. For many people not used to extreme make-up, it much more natural than purple for instance. Just give a closer look to eye palettes you find in your local drugstore many of them include a plum shade to bring light!

Enough babbling, the pics... This was done with Aromaleigh pigments which I truly love. They are pretty unique and there are over 400 colours to choose from. But they are also a bit expensive I think. Anyway, this what I came out with (do not mind the first pic of eyes I look strangely not symmetrical on that one :s)

Then two full face pics of me wearing my favourite Winnie the Pooh pullover! I wear it only when I stay at home but it is so soft and so warm that I can not throw it away.quoi!

Do you wear plum e/s? It can look great I think (nope?).

See ya :)


Tali said...

Looks amazing on you! I m a huge pum fan but not on me... for some reason its not my color which is a pitty becaus i <3 it!! But on you it looks great!!!

Musing on Beauty said...

I love plums. I stopped wearing them because they made me look sick but it was a matter of how I used it, I think.
Now I have found ways, like combining with another kind of lid color, or just wearing liner, and it works great! But I'm still cautious and won't wear them if I have very bad dark circles or look particularly tired.

Une fille Lambda said...

@Tali: thanks hon <3! Maybe when you can give it a try when you have loose your tan. I like it on fair or pale skin but on tanner one it can look weird

@Musing on Beauty: yeah I agree with you. I first used it as a single lid colour and it looks awful but mixed with something else it is okay as long as your eyes are not too red or too puffy on that day :p

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