Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In and out... October 2009

Time again for pro and cons about beauty. Well nothing really new this month! I have never had so much free time and I am overwhelmed!!! Sounds crazy hum? I may be the worst organised girl on Earth ;p except for makeup, everything fit its own place in my flat! Anyway here we go :

Ins :
- no more strong anti-acne topical remedies and better skin. Sounds to be the other way round normally but for once I won't complain
- sleeping enough to prevent the most part of my dark circles
- Tea Tree Blemish Gel from the Body Shop. It rocks! I am thinking of buying ten or so more sticks :p
- still in love with t
he best mascara on Earth for my type of lashes, the Double Extend Beauty Tubes from l'Oréal
- the Sebactiv range from Roger Cavailles (maybe it is sold abroad but I am quite sure it does not)
- the discovery of Mario Badescu's products :)

Outs :
- having less pimples and zits but many red ugly scars that can not be treated right one with microdermabrasion
- having a cold because of no sun :s
- not finding time to update regularly my blog! Come on, I am unemployed and overbusy, what is wrong with me???
- that my current beloved foundation, 01 Crème de poudre from La Roche Posay has been discountinued (why all the best stuffes are always reformulated or discontinued???)
- again and still my current eyecream, Serum contour des yeux et des lèvres (serum for eyes and lips in French) from Planter's Eco Bio

This is it. Any toughts?
See ya :)


Tali said...

I hate it when things are discontinues. SO annoying.. my favourite lipgloss and bronzer got discontinued 2 years ago so i have to ebay them! :/

Lullaby77 said...

What?? LRP foundation discontinued???? nooooooooo!
I loved that one. It's the one I turn to when I'm desperate and end up concluding Chanel and their sisters aren't working, and it never disappoints me :-)
I'm sad :-(

Une fille Lambda said...

@Tali: yeah I feel the sae about discontinued stuffes. I find some places where this particular foundation is still sold but for how long???

@Lullaby77: not all of them, do not panic :p Two of the three formulations are still available : crème satin and fluide mat. The only one discontinued, crème de poudre, is the one for normal to combination skin. Maybe I will give a try to the fluide mat or to the full coverage version from the same range (Unifiance).

Lullaby77 said...

Ok I checked mine and it's Creme Satin, pheeew! I loooove it. Tried matte fluide as well but didn't like it as much and it smelled like alcohol (not sure if there was some in it, though).

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: Maybe I should try yours instead as your skin is quite oily sometimes... I think I will buy both versions. Wahooo benchmarking! :)))

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