Sunday, October 4, 2009

A song that makes me smile...

I was taggued by the gorgeous Tali because my comments on her blog sometimes make her smile. Really happy about that!
All I have to do now is to choose a song that makes me smile. I will alter the rules a bit because the song I choose is definitely not a happy one, really really sad indeed. Of course, it is a French one that I really like.
It talks about a man that has been betrayed by a beloved girlfriend... Yeah, I know, I may sound crazy to you, but this songs reminds me a lot of funny memories of a past period of my life, it sometimes even makes me laugh.
It is nearly ten year old now and at this time, I had my first real love story with a so nice, understanding and patient guy. I was so awful to him, I wanted to rule everything he did and he said nearly nothing but guess what I was so young and so stubborn
(poor him!) ^^. This is hard to explain for me in English but this particular song is linked to this period of my life which was a really funny one. My first real steps as a grown-up, I believed at this time that I can be everything I wanted to be!:p.
Hope you like it anyway, I love this particular singer. His songs always touch me.
I taggued Makeup and Beauty Musings for this one.
See ya :)

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