Sunday, October 11, 2009

A missed trial...

... with the Urban Decay Book of Shadows. Maybe some of you do not know about this brand. I think it first became famous around the world through its nail polishes. I have never seen any of those but they were bright and very good from what I read. Anyway, I digress.
They now do a bunch of different stuffes packaged in a young and bold way. Most of their eyeshadows are very bright, come in a quiet unusual range of shades, and have a sparkly, iridescent or metallic finish. They are quiet hard to work with and tend to disappear while blending. Anyway, if you have enough patience to pack them and to clean the fallouts the final colour payoff is amazing and so unique in my point of view. This is what it looks like.
Urban Decay has launched a new version of the Book of Sahdows. It is avalaible in the UK and the US but not in France right now. Maybe it will not be in the end (so sad).

I tried a look yesterday with gold and purple tones. But I do not like the way it comes out. There will not be any full face pictures as I am again breaking out like crazy (need to find a routine fast I am so upset with these pimples). The gold looks pretty orange-ish on the pictures, I need to find a better balance for the luminosity. I am the worst photorapher on Earth (oups...).
Do you have any idea to make it work? Something is not good in here. I am sure these colours can work together but not that way.

See ya :)


Tali said...

I think it works fine!
I personally would not use purple by the keep it in the outer crease and use a black or brown liner then i think it would flow more!

Stunning combination though. I love your eyes

Lullaby77 said...

First of all, I am sure you're not breaking out like crazy ;-)
Secondly I think it actually works fine, but just like Tali I would suggest not to line the lashes with purple.

Another thing you would try is to use the purple on the outer corner only, in a small outer V, to give a smokey effect, but not bring it into the crease and not line the lashes with it.

Une fille Lambda said...

@Tali: I think you're right I wanted to keep it all gold and purple but with black it will be better or maybe a golden brown (mmmh golden brown on hazel eyes ^^). Thanks for the compliments on my eyes. I love yours too...

@Lullaby77: I know that's weird for my breakouts but it may be an allergic reaction to something. I have small bumps under the skin surface everywhere :s even on the appples on my cheeks where I never break out! Yiirk. I will try to do something with just an outer V and smoke it out!
Maybe I'll try it today with an other color combo ;p

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