Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lady's red

... well not really but it is still red. When I was younger, still nice and trustful in my own future, I used to go to the beach every summer. I was carefully painted by my mother with full sunscreen from head to toes with a hat and sunglasses. Thanks mummy ^^! I was then facinated by the perfectly manicured finger and toes of the women surrounding me. Bright red for everyone :)!
FIY, this nailpolish is a So Laque from Bourjois - Cerise noire (black cherry?) number 12.

I now can wear these deep red nails that made me dream when I was younger (yeah I am a lady now, well I think I am). I must confess it is may not be meant to be worn on long nails like mine, it will look less vampy and more galmourous on shorter ones. But it reminds me my childhood and family summer vacations so I can come to terms with it :p.

And you, do you have any beauty stuffes that make you feel a little nostalgic?

See ya :)


Lullaby77 said...

When I was little I would be baby-sit by my grandma. My aunt still lived there and every morning before going to work, she would put her blush on in the living room, to have natural light. Chanel blush, I still remember the little black box and the smell. I would always ask her to put some on me, which she did sometimes :-)
Don't ask why I am a blush addict now :-)

And I have that nailpolish, too, it's gorgeous, even on long nails (MissChievous has crazy long nails and wear all colors!)

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: I understand now why you are such a blush addict :))! But you wear them well from what I've seen :).

Have you find a way to make that polish last longer than 2 days?!? It is labelled to last 7 but not on my hands even if I try to be careful.
Concerning Miss Chevious, her nails are incredible and she cares so well about them. We are not in the same category of people if you see what I mean ^^ :p

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