Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Brewer's yeast

Well, I take brewer's yeast for nearly two months now so I think I can make a quite accurate feedback. But first, a little scientific piece of information. Yeah I know but guess what I am also a science-addict:p

What is brewer's yeast? You can find two different kinds of yeast : one is dead and the other one is still alive.
In both cases, you have to face the truth, they are microscopic mushrooms. Yummy hum? To be more accurate, these mushrooms are meant to digest sugar and starch from cereals that come into play in beer production. In its dead form, the yeast is extracted at the end of brewing and dried at high temperature. In its active (alive) form, the same mushroom is grown for its therapeutic virtues and dried at a lower temperature to keep the mushroom cells integrity. The active yeast is softer for the stomach and more active like all other classical ferments.
About taste and smell, it is very bitter but in capulses it is Ok. In tablet, the taste is really strong and they are harder to swallow (yiiirk)

Why is it interesting? This yeast s rich in vitamins B which are essential for growth and health of hairs, nails and skin. Good news, hum ^^?

What are the benefits? It helps to fortify hairs and nails of course. It is also supposed to help control acne breakouts, it helps digestion, stimulates immune system, and heal skin and intestine diseases. All in all it is some kinf of super health promoting agent.

What I personnaly think about it? For nails and hairs, it is perfect. My nails have become unbreakable, see the picture (do not mind the nail polish, old manicure, too lazy to do a new one). I just file them once a week and that is it. I am not really careful with my hands so I am really happy to see them that healthy. No more streaks and splitting.
My hairs are growing faster and no more split ends so perfect! ^^
But absolutely no effect on my pimples. Breakouts are exactly the same as before. It would have been too perfect otherwise :p

Do I recommend? Yes and in its active form. It can be bought nearly in every drugstores and for the dead one, in supermarket in the dietary section. It is absolutely health safe. Nothing wrong can happen to you with this kind of nutritive enhancers.

Oh one last point, drinking tones of beer will not help. No yeast left in there. Sorry! Thanks for reading

See ya :)


Lullaby77 said...

My nails are in very bad condition right now, I can't even grow them because they split or break. So I am definitely going to try that!

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: it is totally risk free. So you should give a go :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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