Thursday, October 29, 2009

Serum contour des yeux et des lèvres from Planter's Eco Bio

"Serum contour des yeux et des lèvres" means serum for eye and lip contour in French. This being said, this particular one is produced by an Italian company which has attracted a growing interest in France with its first range of products made of aloe vera.

What do I think about it? Well it is the second organic eyecream I tried this year and I am disappointed with both of them. This one is supposed to be fluid but mine was more like a thick cream and I was not able to pump it easily. Moreover, the amount delivered by the pump is way too big, I can easily do my whole face with a squirt. As it is full of oil, it is greasy so it takes some time to be absorbed by the skin. The scent is not very noticeable and for once, it does not interact badly with make-up. Undereye concealer does not crease on top of that.

Does it work? Well as I just say, I am not convinced. I am sure it is not linked to its organic nature but I am not hooked. Why? Because the concentrated plant extracts are irritant to my under eye area. So it leads to an itching eye contour after use and sometimes strong redness :s. Not nice, hum? The main advantage is that the irritation rises the blood circulation and thus reduces drastically dark circles. The game is not worth the candle. In an other hand, I can not tell about the anti-wrinkle effect as I have not any and about softening, it is quite true. Neverthless, do not try to apply it on the lid or it will burn your eyes like hell!!!

Do I recommend it? Well, so-so. Perhaps for the true organic-addicts who do not want to use anything but organic.

Prix : around 25€ in European drugstores or online.

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