Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Where is Ken???

I am not even sure the name of Barbie's fiancé is the same worldwide but in France, it is usually Ken. Just to explain the post title ;p. As I was not able to publish my weekly EOTD, I do it today... I went for a pastel makeup and it really really came out Barbie-ish. But I still quite like it. It is very soft and wearable (especially if you wear glasses) and it changes a bit from gold and brown doesn't it?
So here we go, no full face pic as my skin is in bad condition once again.

I applied a golden gel base all over the lid, 24K gel liner from Coastal Scents :
- inner third Apricot Moose from NYX
- inside third, applied with finger by gently tapping on, Pink Platinum from MAC
(collection Brushed Metal X- Metal Urge)
- outer third Purple NYX
+ same thing in same order along the lower lashline
- outer V Lucky Charm from The She Space
- along the upper lashline, Deep plum gel liner from Coastal Scents

- a coat of mascara

It can not look appealing for some of you but I found really funny how it turned out. I did not expect that result and it made me laugh to have Barbie eyes :p

See ya :)


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