Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Brewer's yeast : week 3

Well they keep growing... Yeah I know it will be frightening the other way round.

I think I will not let them grow any longer. I do not really like very long nails as they are not handy for me. Typing on a computer, doing laundry or even opening a can is impossible for me with longer nails (I am kind of ungifted). The most scaring stuff is to put on contact lenses, eyes are so painful I can not imagine getting a scratch there...

To summarize this experiment, before next week before&after pics, I will say that my nails are longer (wahoo surprise, surprise), stronger with less splitting even if that last point is not perfect as I do not feed myself with the best food (lazy lazy...) and finally less striky which is great for polish application as I am really bad at it.
For hairs, hard to tell are mine are naturally healthy.
And for the skin, well no effect but I am a weird case :). I heard about cutting down milk-based food to improve skin prone to breakout in the chin area but if I o so I will starve to death... Need to find an other option I think ^^.

Finally, the nails of week pic :
I just opened a new jar of 150 pills so I have to end it up because it absorbs ambiant moisture which is not good for preservation. After that I will give my body some rest. Taking pills all year long is not a good habit if you do not really have health issues. Normally, you can find everything you need in your daily diet (well if you do not eat like I do :p)

See ya :)

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