Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Night out look?

Well as you may know I am currently unemployed (things look a little better now but still no interview :s) so I have a lot of time to play with my overgrowing makeup collection. And watching my MAC palettes I discovered two things : 1. they need to be better organized (eyeshadows are just thrown randomly in there) and 2. there are some shadows I hardly ever used. Bad bad bad me. I needed to do something, I then picked three of the hardly used shadows and came out with this look :
In details, I go for an extended almond shape (be careful if you have smaller lid it can close your eyes). I like how it accentuates my natural eyeshape. So from the inner to the outer eyelid, I applied :
- Mary Jane from Urban Decay
- Greensmoke from MAC
- Black Tied fromMAC
+ same order on the lower lashline
- a thick line of black lliner & mascara (still and for ever I think l'Oreal Beauty Tubes).
I was thinking some black in the lower waterline would look great but I liked it without so I left it bare.
Et voilà!

For a night out or a dinner it looks great. It brings out the green in my eyes in a nice way. But I do understand that it may be too bold or heavy for some of my few readers.

That's all folks :p
See ya :)


Lullaby77 said...

ME WANTS!!! Luckily I have all these shadows, including the gorgeous Mary Jane. And you know me, I can totally wear this for work ;-)

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: I was pretty sure you will like it and on your deep blue eyes it will look amazing... Post a pic if you try it hum?
I will also wear that for work but I think we are not the most conservative girls makeupwise.

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