Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Drying lotion from Mario Badescu

Well I talked a lot about Mario Badescu skincare line but I still have not made any review. This mistake will be corrected tonight ^^. They will be three more on this brand as I own three other products in the acne range and have had the opportunity to test them for a long period of time as my skins is freaking out again (I am too old to still have pimples, damned!)
For the ones not too familiar with this brand, Mario Badescu is a US-based and sold for about 40 years now. According to the brand site (click here) many stars trust its efficiency. What makes me try this brand is its wide range dedicated to acne treatment. You can definitely find something for your skin as every skin type is accounted for. I think it is a quite unique offer on the market as most anti acne products are meant for super oily skin. An other good point is the minimalist packaging, which makes me think taht I pay only for the product's efficiency and not for a nice bottle (it may sound stupid for some of you but anyhow it is how I feel about simple packaging)

What do I think about it? It is not a classical acne treatment, it is a two-phased lotion : a pink powder that contains calamine and a alcohol liquid infused with salicylic acid. You must not shake the bottle, the wo phases have to remain apart. You simply dip Q-tip into the powder and dab it directly on the whiteheads. It will leave a pinkish mark on so it is meant for nightime use only :p.
This lotion is dedicated for whitehead treatment and nothing else. It dries it up overnight. Be careful not to apply it everywhere around as it is reallt drying (the name is not fake in that case). You could feel a slight tingling sensation when you put it on but it won't last. It is safe for every skin type which is kind of cool!

Does it work? Yes, yes and yes. I do not have a huge amount of whiteheads but when one of my pimple decides to evolve in this direction it becomes really big, ugly and most of the time painful. But with this lotion after a single night it is all dried up and with morning face wash it jsut leaves a tiny red mark! Yihaa! My skin is prone to scarring so it will always go trhough a stage with red marks that slowly vanish.
It can be use every night by oilier skin but maybe only once every other day for drier types. And be careful to only dab it on the whitehead not around otherwise you will have to fight deydration.

Do I recommend it? Of course... It is the best whitehead tretament I have come across. If I have to find some drawbacks, I will say that you have to use Q-tips every time which is not very environmental friendly and that it is not very travel-friendly either. You have to wait hours for both phases to separate when they get mixed. Just quibbling over :p

Prix : 16,50€ by HQhair or 16€ by Beautybay (for European reader). For US readers, they can be find in stores or on the official brand site (lucky you ^^)

It is way more efficient than tea tree oil on whitehead. And you use it really sparingly, mine is two month old I think and I have use it quite a lot as my skin was doing crap.

See ya :)


Lullaby77 said...

INteresting. I hear a lot of good things about their products, they also have a drying mask I think, but I'm too scared my skin would freak out if I try that.

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: Yeah I do not own the drying ask but I know I will buy it some day :))). I have quite sensitive skin and the ones I tested are skin-friendly but I do not think you really need it. If Diacneal is efficient enough you may stick to it (it is way easier to find and cheaper I think even if these products are not overpriced)

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