Saturday, December 19, 2009

Young successful business woman

... looks for a well enough paid job and has so to wear not too heavy eye makeup.. Something nice and soft but still focusing on the eyes. Why can not I wear heavy eye makeup? Because my field of competences is not very feminine so Barbie or smokey eyes are not so welcome at the first interview. You have to get them slowly used it first :). For all that purpose, I always choose a classical brown and golden look with satin and not shimmery colours. It looks more subtle in my opinion with a satin finish.
Enough babbling, the pics. I did it with the 28 neutral palette you can find everywhere.

I applied everything with a fluffy brush like a 217, 222 or 224 to keep it soft and blended:
- 1 all over the lid
- 2
in large crease area
- 3 in outer V
- 4 from crease to brow
- 5 right under the brow to bring some light
- a brown liner on upper lashline and in both waterlines, Truffle gel liner from Coastal Scents
- black mascara
And you are ready to go!

I do wear a coloured lipstick with this eye look. I go for a beige-brown shimmery one sometimes to add some colour to my face. I will not go for a mat as it is often drying and also I am not into full mat look. Nude lips wash me out most of the time...

See ya :)

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