Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tagged for a "knowing you better" kind of survey

I have been tagged by the gorgeous Tali to answer the following questions on my beauty habits. Well I will try to do my best and not to lie too much ;p...

1. What is your beauty style? (Natural, trendy etc.)
I would say that I have no style... Well I am definitely not natural or trendy, I am something closer to a chameleon, I can wear a very casual look and the day after bold barbie pink eyes.
Anyway I tend to focus my FOTD mainly on my eyes. I hardly wear lipstick and I am not good at contouring so all about eyes for me!!! I am definitely not colored-scared and can sometimes look over made up :)

2. Where do you get your beauty inspiration from?
From everything I see, beauty tuts on the web, clothes, landscapes, other girls (yeah I am a copycat).

3.What beauty products do you have the most of?

Eyeshadows, foundations and concealer.... If you had my skin you will definitely understand the two last points (pimples and dark circles are my everyday fight). For eyeshadows, well, I do not use half the ones I own but staring at them make me overhappy. And it is way cheaper that a all year long therapy :p

4.What's your favourite/holy grail color for:
Purples & plums, yummy yummy! I love how it brings out the green undertones in hazel eyes like mine. And black liner of course, true jet black one of course :)
I am not a lipstick person as I tend to apply lipbalm every 30 min :s. But if I have to pick one colour, I will go for a shimmery light brownish beige kind of nude. Very precise and not confusing at all :p
Light pink... Anything not too noticeable as I am really bad at nail polish application. But I do love deep wine red or plum I find them over sexy...

5.Three favourite brands of the moment:

1. MAC - one of the best quality/price ratio out there... Especially for eyeshadow maniac like me :)))
2. Bobbi brown - for all their face products. If you have bad skin, give it a try, they have the best coverage out there without making you look cakey or overdone!
3. Benefit - I used not to like it so much as it is really expensive in France, but now I can buy it abroad I think some stuffes are worth to pay for them...

That's it
See ya :)

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