Saturday, December 5, 2009


I was about to forget to post my weekend makeup pics. I know I like my little blog routine to be well organized so saturday means makeup pics!!!
But I will cheat just a little as they are not pics of today makeup but of one I did earlier this week. My skin has to recover a bit from spots, dryness, cold and too hard water :s (drawback of living in a big city).

When I did this look, I randomly picked two shadows of my makeup stash, add a third coordinate one and it turned out cool from my point of view. It is very wearable without being too boring and I think it is suitable for daytime wear (at least I will wear it if I have to go to work). It is not matte, rather pretty shimmery but does not make you look like a disco ball. It is more evident on the full face pics (click to enlarge).

So here we go:
On the eyes : on a white base (Silk White gel liner from Coastal Scents), eyeshadows applied from inner to outer corners
- Melon pigment from MAC, Platonic e/s from MAC
(Infatuating Rose, 2008 Christmas collection), Deep Feeling e/s from MAC (Infatuating Rose, 2008 Christmas collection)
- same order on the lower lashline+ même répétition le long des cils du bas.
- un thin line of Indigo gel liner from Coastal Scents along the upper lashline and in both waterlines.
- of course mascara
(l'Oreal Beauty Tubes thumbs up!!!).

To finish 2 pathetic full face pics of me trying to smile :))). Make me look really stupid but guess what I do not really care
(one of my French reader was wondering why I never smile on pics, here you had the evidence :p)

foundation : correcting palette MUFE n°1 + Unifiance crème de poudre n°1 (discontinued product from LRP) + MAC Select Cover-up concealer NW 20 + Météorites from Guerlain.
blush : Mineralize Skinfinish Petticoat overr cream color base Bougainvillea (both limited editions)
lips : shimmery coral lipstick topped with golden lipgloss

Blue and orange combination can be tricky for daywear but as these colors are muted it is kind of wearable I think.

See ya :)


Lullaby77 said...

Very pretty, and indeed not over the top at all!

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: I was surprised by how cool it turned out actually... I had no high hopes on this one but nice combo in the end (except my goofy face :p)

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