Monday, December 7, 2009

Brewer's yeast : week 4 - the conclusion

4 weeks of rigourous pill-intake every morning have gone, here are the final results! And I think they are really noticeable.

Ready for a before/after pics? Let's go... On the left side, before and on the right side, after (click to enlarge). Both my forefingers have been filled a lot as they were really damaged with split layers on the end. I do not go for a full French manicure so I can not cheat with my actual nail lenght (I wonder if the white part of the nail got a name, does anyone know?).

So after 4 weeks, no more splitting, still some roughness but a lot less than before and the most important point, no breakage occured during the past month... Thumbs up! Extra length somewhere between 3 to 5mm depending on fingers...

You know what you have to do for your nails? Not yet? Come on! I can not do anything more for you :p

See ya :)

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