Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vanishing cream from Lush

A new product review as I did not do any last week... I do not know if you have already entered a Lush shop but if they all smell the same than in Europe you have to do it at least one. It is a micmac of overpowing smells that to me are not appealing at all. Every time I step in there I go out with a headache and feel quite nauseous. But do not freak out, you can still order from the Web. Safe ordorless place :).
Do not take me wrong, most of the products do smell nice (very sugary girly smells). But as they are all strong smelled you have to take them separately. That being clarified, let's go...

What do I think about it? The packaging is not wonderful, just a cheap looking plastic screwable container, but you do not have to expect more from a company that surf on the green wave. The texture is fluid but not too liquidy as it does not leak. From a color and smell point of view, it is very classical : white with a light lavender smell nothing too pronounced. It is assumed to be for blemish-prone skin that tends to look oily and shiny through the day. For now, nothing to really complain about, except perhaps the very fluid texture that may not provide enough hydration to my poor quality skin...

Does it work? Sadly enough not really... First I am still waiting for the promise of keeping breakouts at bay after a full pot :s. Secondly I did a mistake, I did not use enough so hydration was really low and my skin started peeling. Yummy yummy :s.
Anyhow adsorption is really good as it sinks right into the skin. It also allows to put make up on without trouble.

Do I recommend it? No not really even if it is not a bad product. Maybe it would be more convincing for a man looking for light day to day hydration as the smell is not feminine at all. This summer, it was working Ok for me but not over the top, it is definitely not my HG moisturizer.

Price : 24€95 by Lush france (I know it is cheaper abroad)

I think this particular cream is not meant for my current skintype which is something close to dehydrated, sensitive & oily (yeah I know I am lucky). A last important point, Lush is not an organic brand (formulas include parabens) that being said for my organic-concerned readers.

See ya :)


Tali said...

Yeah i agree.. this moisturizer is just not impressive. Its not bad.. but its not AMAZING or particularly good at what it should do.

Normally i love lush moisturizers but this is is nothing special!

Une fille Lambda said...

@Tali: It is my first Lush moisturizer and I am clearly not impressed. I have Imperialis to test now and I am not crazy about the smell but the texture is way better. Anyhow I will use it for a while and do a review in about a month :)

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