Monday, November 30, 2009

In and out... November 2009

Well I was about to be late for my monthly in and out... But here we go, hope you'll like and do not hesitate to share yours in the comments :)

Ins :
- the renewal lash serum from l'Oreal. It works for me, I do not have before pictures but I will show some "final" pics. it definitely helps to prevent lash fallouts and make mine softer and longer. Stay tune for the review
- still in love with product testing ^^. i hope you enjoy reading my reviews as much I enjoy doing them as I thoroughly tried everything I talk about (for a month or longer unless it gives me allergies...)
my Bobbi Brown makeover I had in Sephora. I always hate how it comes out but this time I was truly blown away. No pics sorry about that but have a look to their face products they truly are amazing and I am very picky when it comes to foundation and concealer. The MUA I had was so professional and smart!
- MAC mineralize skinfinish in Petticoat (Sheer Minerals collection I think...) as light shimmery blush. As my pores shrink back to normal size it gives me the extra radiancy I need with this awful winter weather (blaaaaah hate winter)
- playing with my long hair even I am really bad as a hairdresser :p

- dehydrated and cracked skin with some really painful bumps. My skin always reacts like that when healing but it is not a funny time trust me
- not being able to find something that helps erasing my scars without drying more my skin
- being frozen all day long. Lack of daylight makes me feel even colder
- being trapped at home and seeking for a job all day long
- still being unemployed
- the HG eyecream which keeps hiding and escaping! But I will find it one day :p

Your turn!
See ya :)

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