Thursday, November 19, 2009

5 Camouflage Cream Palette n°1 from Make Up For Ever

Yesterday, I reviewed something I was really disappointed about so today something I raved about! It will particularly be interesting for girls who face skin imperfections like I do. This palette offers everything you need to artificially enhance your skin condition :p Great hum?

What do I think about it? In my opinion, this palette is well designed as it allows to correct everything on pale skin. The two first pink shades are useful to reshape and highlight browbone and inner eye corner. The next beige shape helps neutralize brown imperfections like melasma or age spots. The salmon one is perfect to correct blueish or purple undereye circles. And finally the famous green shade which soothes redness. The texture of those cor
rectors is thick and creamy whic provides the heavy coverage needed by skin imperfections. But it does not cakey. The only drawback is that it can not help with bumps or cave imperfections but nothing can so....

Does it work? Yes sir! You have to pratice a bit in order to perfect application but the outcome is awesome. A remark, anyway, as the texture is real thick you have to settle these correctors with a pressed powder to prevent creasing throughout the day. Moreover as they are correctors not concealer thay have to be used BEFORE foundation. They often give a slight greyish tint to the skin so you have to rebalance your skintone with something tinted like your skin.

Do I
recommend it? Yes I use it everyday when I wear liquid foundation and I like better the way my skin looks with than without them. The palettes lasts a while (mine is 2 or 3 month old and I still have not hit the pan). If needed, the correctors can be bought individually at the MUFE store.

Price : 26€70 by Séphora (not cheap but worth the price if you really need 5 different correctors)

I will not say it is a basic in a classical make up stash as many women can go along with one single concealer that doubles as a skin corrector. But in my case I have redness, acne spots and scars, some hyperpigmentation and very pronounced dark circles to hide so it is a good investment.
If you want to see before/after pics I can make some focusing on the imperfection I want to hide. But I think there is no way I can put my full unmade-up face on the Web (sorry :p)

See ya :)


Musing on Beauty said...

Is that the N°1 palette? Because there are 5 different versions I believe. I have thought of getting it but right now I am happy with my Bobby Brown concealer kit (and have 2 expensive) backups of it.

Une fille Lambda said...

@Musing on Beauty: yes it is the n°1 designed for pale European skin type like you and I. But from what I have seen you do not really need corrector to perfect your skin so maybe keep going with you great BB concealer. It is a real good choice :)

Tali said...

Looks like something a make-up artist deffinately needs in her kit! I would love to try play with the harder colors and make them work lol!

Une fille Lambda said...

@Tali: I think it is a really good deal for a make-up artist and trust me it is easy to use! You will esasily deal with it...

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