Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009's best of...

Hi beauty addicts from around the world!
Hope you enjoyed your Xmas holidays as much as I did for mine :)
Did you miss me a little... Nope? Not even a lil? Come on! I had a lot of fun and food (way too much food) and now I am thinking about all the resolutions I will fell to achieve this year :)
Anyway, 2009 has flown by but it has offered some incredible discoveries I want to share in this post :). It will not be perfectly organize as I still try to digest the food mountain I swallowed in the past 2 weeks. It uses all my concentration capacities ^^.

Let's begin...
For skincare, I nominate Mario Badescu at the first place because I never thought I would be spot-free on day and it is the case! Yihaa :). I have to deal with the scarring now! Special mention to Clinique (the 3-steps program) and Estée Lauder.
For makeup, I need to distinguish things a bit....
For face, big up to Bobbi Brown and special mention to La Roche Posay (French :)) ) and Nivea.
For eyes, ex aequo Urban Decay for the amazing palettes and l'Oreal for the best mascaras on Earth, honorable mention to Sleek Makeup

For lips, YSL (unbeatable lipsticks) and thumbs up for Benefit and Too Faced

That's my personal hit parade!

Concerning resolutions, finding a job and a nice guy are also on my list :p

See ya :)


Musing on Beauty said...

Happy New Year and of course we missed you!!
I wish you a lot of makeup and perfect skin on top of a great job and BF ;-)

Une fille Lambda said...

@Musing on Beauty : thanks hon! Two more to go (BF and job) and my life will be not far from perfect :)

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