Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My new haircut...

Do you sometimes wake up in the morning and feel like crap? This happens to me way too often these days that I decide to book an appointment in a spa to cheer me up. My former colleagues offer me half a day in a famous Parisian spa so it was the perfect occasion : a full facial with massage and treatment and a hair diagnosis.

The hairdresser suggested me to do something with my hair and this time I agreed. I have never done that before because I am so scared about how it would come out.
So I said her to do what ever she wanted except blonde or very light strands and that it must be a easy-to-go haircut which can be tighten in a ponytail. So she went for a medium length cut with a lot of layers, a side bang or fringe (I never knew the difference) and many many very small strands of lighlty bleached hair. Please do not mind the creepy make up, I had 5 seconds to put it back on after my facial (no foundation does not help, I need to carry around concealer at least)

It definitely changes a lot. What do you think about my new hair cut? Hit or miss?
The lighter strands do not show up in the pics (inside with flash) but in bright daylight, it warms up my dull brown. I was so scared about bleaching but it came out OK, I think.

See ya :)


Lullaby77 said...

I think these are side-swept bangs :) And you look fantastic! You absolutely don't need foundation!

Tali said...

SO glamorous!! I like it.. your hair looks healthy and elegant. Very nice!!! Its a nice change and of course it will grow so fast that in a few months again you will do something different!!

But I think its great! I also love the bangs!!

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: thanks for the info and the nice compliment :)) Oh yes I do need foundation but this pic do not show all my flaws. Except the raccoon eyes :)

@Tali: thanks hon! It is a huge change for me to go for very long hairs to something more stylish. I know hair grows back (and very quickly on me) but for the highlighted strands I was not sure. And I have to confess I do know if I will do them each time (so expensive :s)

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